Monday, February 11, 2013

You are the Polka to my Dot

I'm still on a polka dot high.  My friend, Becks of oomph sent me these adorable polka dot skinnies.  Thanks, Becks!!!  I absolutely love them.  They're super comfy and fit perfectly.  I couldn't resist pairing them with bright pink heels and a bright lippy.  A blush tone sweater with spike details and my mint suede faux croc clutch added more interest to the look, without going over-the-top.  After closer examination, I realized that half of this look was gifted to me (thanks, friends!), AND my signature Rayban aviators are missing in action.  Gah!  Now you know what's hiding under those sunnies... my hideous-under-eye-bags!  ew.  I'm also in desperate need of a haircut.  Ok.  Enough whining.  I hope your week if off to a great start!!  LOVE DAY is in 3 days, any fun plans?

Chat soon, lovelies.

{sweater: local boutique | skinnies: l.e.i. gift from Becks | heels: Guess
clutch: ASOS gift from Hana | bracelet: from LA, gift from Terri}

Love, S


Jenny Rintala said...

Hi cutie :) This look is absolutely lovely and I'm obsessed with your polka dot skinnies! Want. Need. Now.
Hope you're doing well Sharon ♥


Pich and Roor said...

This outfit is totally brightening my day :) I always love stopping by to see what adorable outfit you have on!I'm doing a feature on some of my fav bloggers this Friday & you're one of them <3 I hope you can stop by to check it out!

xo said...

I love this outfit. So cute, Sharon!


Caroline said...

I too LOVE polka dots ... I mean love them. You would love the little polka dot bow on my site right now. Your pink heels are awesome by the way.

Mae said...

You are the heart to my I heart You.

Mae Xx //

Sybil said...

always adorable, love!! :D love those pink pumps! :D

valentine's day plans? none for the day of, but my dad's celebrating his bday on the 15th so dinner with the family is happening, hahaha!

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KRISTY said...

Who doesn't love polkadots?!?! Definitely NOT me! :D I actually love the studs on your sweater. That's very different! :D

Christy said...

OMG. You are too cute. I love those jeans on you. They look fab, hun.

xo Christy

Jen said...

You are too adorable my love! I adore the soft palette of this outfit, especially paired with edgy elements like the amazing sweater and clutch!! And I'm definitely a fan of polka dots too but personally find them a little hard to pull off. You, however, do it perfectly.


Lisa Loves said...

Super fab outfit! I love everything about it.

Love, Lisa

Sophie said...

I NEED your pants. So cool. I wanna get a pair. Lovin' the sweater as well. The spike placement is unique.

XO Sophie

The Chic Sheet said...

There is something so cute and chic about this look... I LOVE your heels!


Kelli said...

Fierce heels. Also love the polka dot pants!

xo Kelli

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Sandy a la Mode said...

great pants! and seriously hot shoes!!

Sandy a la Mode

rich_nataliee said...

Perfect! Love it. This blog is what I was looking for. The pink heels are unbelievable- so my type! Follow you!

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oomph. said...

you're welcome :) they look amazeballs on you and with those pink heels! loving that studded sweater as well!! hope you are enjoying the long weekend! i'm doing (dreading) the great aloha run tomorrow!

mobile morsels

s said...

amazing pants! xO!

anna said...

Love this outfit, hun!! gorgeous heels and fun pants. pretty lipstick, too.

xo anna

Lulu said...

I love this look! Great!

xo Lulu

TheeFknGoddess said...

Omg I need those pants! So cute!

S said...

your hair is looking super amazing and i love those cute jeans, suits you really well!

steph /

Anonymous said...

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