Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Camo Cool

Added another piece to my camo print arsenal.  If you ever seen me sporting a camouflage suit, I give you permission to virtually slap me!!  Camo print is cool, but in small doses. :)  I've pretty much been living in these skinnies for the past few days.  I love that there is very minimal stretch, yet fits quite well.   I'm thinking of hemming them just a tad, but I can live with the minuscule bunching.  Are you a fan of camo prints? If so, how do you wear your camo?

{shirt: Ralph Lauren | jeans: Tommy Hilfiger | heels: Zara | purse & watch: Michael Kors
sunnies: Rayban | bracelets: c/o olive + piper, abc stores, diy | ring: diy}

Love, S


Cátia - A Super Fashion Girl said...

You look gorgeous!

Love your ring!


Laura said...

I like the personalized ring and bracelet, but the mix between camo and navy.. I can't see it together.

- Laura

Kali Angeles said...

These camo pants look great on you Sharon! Started following you a few days ago :)

Kali Now Living

& Pretty Things said...

love the camo pants! and the ring is adorable!

& Pretty Things

eelsay said...

I love the bracelet with your name! did you make it?


Lise said...

I loooove this look. Classic, but with a twist. Great jewelry, too!


Sheila said...

Eeek! I love the bracelet and ring! Please do a DIY tutorial on how! Pretty please? :)

xo - Sheila

Jo Abiog said...

Loving your RING (amazing talent you got there) and heels, S!!

♥, Jo
{Style + Travel}

libys11 said...

omg!! this look is just making me want to buy some pair of camo pants!! :D awesome look!

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Sophie said...

OMG! You look great as always, hun. Love the camo pants.

xo Sophie

Sophie said...

OMG! You look great as always, hun. Love the camo pants.

xo Sophie

Amanda {} said...

Haven't thought of pairing camo with stripes...I LOVE IT!
And your arm party is bomb!


Carla Cee said...

Wonderful blog! Check out mine if you have time babe! :) xx

Kate said...

really nice mix of patterns!:)
xx Kate

The Style Department

Callie said...

Love the stripe and camo combo!


fizz said...

love the mix of prints here! and i am totally coveting your heart bracelet!!



Crystal C said...

great pairing;
love your ring!

terr davidson said...

Love the trousers!!

Lynnie said...

Those jeans look fabulous on you!!! I LOVE THEM.


Halie said...

Love this combo.

Joana Vilaça said...

Super chic and classy! I've the same heels and love your pants! I'm a new follower, great blog dear :)


Sixth Tractate said...

Hello! I came across your wonderful blog and I'm your newest follower! :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Let me know!

Tallia said...

I love the golden watch! I have been wanting one forever now!

Stephanie said...

Love the name ring n bracelet!

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Great looks, i love the diy ring, super cute

Confessions Of A City Girl / Check out my eyewear line Enerjiee

Mae said...

SHAR, those rings and bracelets are insane. LOVE THEM.

I love how well you rock them skinnies. You look amaze. Stripes + Camo, pretty brill.

Love + aloha,
Mae Xx //

BESOS LYNN said...

Please tell me you are selling these bracelets! I love love love them!
Besos, lynn

Anonymous said...

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