Monday, November 5, 2012


As a teen, the color gold never really appealed to me.  When picking out jewelry, silver was always the victor. Over the years, my love for gold has surely grown.  When looking at my jewelry collection most things are gold and even other accessories, like my handbags, have gold hardware.  The other week I saw this micro pleated gold mini, hanging on the rack by it's lonesome self and just my luck, it was my size.  I love that there are hidden pockets and an elastic waistband (perfect for the upcoming holidays, hahaha!) for ease and comfort.  I just wished I could have captured the true gold hue of the skirt.  Perhaps, another time.

It's beginning to feel a little bit like fall, here in Hawaii.  Well, at least what we locals consider "fall".  haha.  I love fall because, we get to buss out the booties.  These cognac booties are a great staple and every girl should own a pair.  They go with just about anything and the low heel is great to strut around in all day long. The tassel detail is a great touch.  If you want to get yourself a pair, visit, my hot shoes.  And don't forget, you can save 20% off your purchase by entering: sharon at check out.  :)   

{chiffon blouse: Moon Collection | skirt: BCBG | booties: c/o My Hot Shoes | bag: c/o Pink Ice
sunnies: Rayban | watch: Michael Kors | necklaces: c/o Bamboo Skybuybuy | ring: c/o V Nunes}

Love, S

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fifi said...

oooo gold pleated skirt!! i am with you on the silver/gold thing... have gotten into gold as of late! xoxo

CoastWithMe said...

I wonder what fall is like in Hawaii;)!! Love this look Sharon! Those boots are great:))!

Maria said...

Ooo I love those boots and that skirt is so pretty, too.

XO Maria

oomph. said...

same here, S, always loved silver...but my love for gold things has grown over the years!

i love the tassel detail on your boots! it was chilly today...i was able to wear a jacket all day! haha!!


EV said...

I love my golds for the fall and winter~ just warms me up<3

& love the creme colors with those brown shoes~ so feminine<3

Anyhow, pretty as always~


EV said...

I love my golds for the fall and winter~ just warms me up<3

& love the creme colors with those brown shoes~ so feminine<3

Anyhow, pretty as always~


Sheila said...

I'm the same as you Sharon! Gold was hardly appealing to me while growing up. I always picked silver for jewelry or anything if I had a choice between the two. But now gold is growing on me and I've accumulated a mix. :)

Love the outfit esp your booties! Gold looks beautiful on you.

Always lovely to read your comments. Hope you are having a great week so far! :)

xo - Sheila

Laura Go said...

Same here! I used to really not like gold at all until now. Nowadays, i can't get enough!
♥ laura
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Laura said...

Great combination of colors! Love the boots and bag!

- Laura

Amanda {} said...

IN LOVE with those booties!! so how you kept the outfit light and fresh!


Elena said...

Such a beautiful look, you are so adorable!!!!!!!

Julie said...

Oooh love the necklace! I am obsessed with gold but didn't used to be! I still have an aversion to gold wedding bands though.. :)

xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED

shane knight said...

well compiled colors used in dresses ans shoes are also very good

Kacie said...

Gold looks great on your skin tone!!!!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing, hun. Love all the gold! And those booties are awesome.

Anonymous said...

You look amazing, hun. Love all the gold! And those booties are awesome.

Halie said...

Stunning look.

libys11 said...

loving those booties..
i, on the other hand, have always been a gold lover!! yay for gold! :D haha!

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FierceandFashionable said...

You sound just like me! I used to only buy silver but these days I am obsessed w/gold!

xo Michelle

Fierce & Fashionable

Amber Rathvon said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I love your style - this cream and gold combo looks so good on you. I just started following you on GFC, and would love it if you like my blog enough to follow me back! =)

Avec Amber

Sandy a la Mode said...

i always loved silver jewelry growing up! it wasn't until like last year that i started buying gold jewelry!!

Sandy a la Mode

Lea said...

Lovin' the cream and gold combo, hun. I love that bone necklace. So sad to see that it's sold out on the website. Great booties, too!

Xo Lea

teeney said...

you are sooo adorable! love this ensemble <3


- teeney

Kate said...

Babe, love the look. I need to get me a pair of cognac booties. These look super comfy.

XO kate

Lisa said...

I love your entire outfit! The colors work really well together!

The Lovely Memoir

Jasmine said...

Booties are so fun. Love yours. And love that bone necklace and gold skirt. Always amazing, hun.

xo Jasmine

jamie said...

long time no talk! but you are as cute as ever!!


Lulu said...

You are so adorable. Love the look, babe.

xo Lulu

Jennifer said...

Super cute!

xo Jennifer

Anonymous said...

nice bag and smile :)


Jacy said...

I used to pretty much hate gold jewelry and Always chose silver, but the older I get the more I love gold! It's so classy and timeless.
Love your outfit and your bangs! You are too cute :)


Olivia said...

I love gold, too. I love your necklaces. The bone one is super rad! And the gold skirt is super awesome, too. Great look, hun.

XO Olivia

danni said...

I love this outfit! the knotted tee and metallic skirt look perfect together

xo danni