Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ice Cream, you scream!

It's a rarity that you'll ever see my hair up.  I don't really like to show off my mouse-like ears, >_< but I thought this cool little outfit needed some "cool" hair, so I flew my locks up into a messy bun.  Isn't this shirt rad?  I totally love it.  The material is super soft and airy and of course I couldn't resist the quirky ice cream print.  Who doesn't love ice cream, right?  Now, I'm craving a big bowl of Kona mud pie. YUM.

Hope your week is going great so far!

{shirt: c/o Motel Rocks | cutoffs: F21 | jacket: Zara | shoes: Jeffrey Campbell "Nightwalk"
clutch/wallet: Target | watch: Michael Kors
bracelets: F21 & DIY skull |  sunnies: "Raybons", drugstore}

Love, S


Anonymous said...

Love the look, girl. That shirt is super cute... and your shoes!! DROOL.


seszen said...

you look really great with this hair-do. nice change :) and outfit is really gorgeous


MayT said...

awww you look SO cute with your hair up!!! Love the outfit, so comfy, edgy, and girly at the same time!!! I love your shoes!! I would feel like I could fall with them hahaha but still love them! XOXOXOXOX

Psycho Cat said...

Polka dots <3
You look really cute :)

The Fashionably-Forward Foodie said...

i frickin love the ice cream print!! omg!! and your hair is awesome! no mouse ears here. dont know what youre talking about!

Allie said...

What mouse ears? I like the hair up, nice change :)

Molls said...

Oh Wow! What a great look. So edgy, but still super chic. Love the top and your shoes.. I DIE!

xo Molls

Anonymous said...


Claire Kiefer said...

I still always think of you when I see Jeffrey Campbells. :) And by the way, your hair looks ADORABLE up. It's perfect with this outfit and there's nothing at all wrong with your ears!

Lisa Loves said...

Girl, you are totally rockin' this look. I love how you can go super feminine to super edgy with so much ease. LOVE IT!


Heidi said...

I think you look great with your hair up and you don't have mouse ears. ;)

Such a cute outfit too- love the shoes! :)

Dee said...

So fresh. Love it, babe.

xx Dee

Sharane said...

such a cute outfit. i really love your skirt.


Lori said...

love your outfit! this is just adorable.. i'm always looking for things to wear in the summer :) and i LOVE finding other hawaii bloggers!

new follower:

Michelleesque said...

Oh my goodness, I am in LOVE with your shoes!


Well... said...

I love love love this look! Omgsh, those shoes are just killer. I love the cute ice cream print blouse, edgy leather jacket, and cool hairdo you paired with it. You just look amazing :)

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DiamondsandTulle said...

You look so cute with you hair up! Love the ice cream print!

xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

Leonie said...

Aw that ice cream top is so pretty! I like that you paired it with edgier items, those heels (well, missing heels ;-)) are insane!

xo Leonie

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Laura said...

I really like how you look with the hair up!
The mix between the sweet ice-creams and the more rock jacket is amazing.

- Laura

Maria said...

You look fab, hun. That top is super adorbs and I love how you toughened it up with that rad jacket and those amazing shoes. Jeffrey Campbell rocks!

xo Maria

Maria said...

You look fab, hun. That top is super adorbs and I love how you toughened it up with that rad jacket and those amazing shoes. Jeffrey Campbell rocks!

xo Maria

Anonymous said...

You look incredible, hun!

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

I like your hair up. However rare it is. And your outfit is fantastic.

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Krystin Lee said...

Such an adorable outfit - love the polka dots
xo Krystin
Suburban Faux-Pas

WMBG said...

great post!



Diva In Me said...

I like your Jeffrey Campbell! I've yet to own 1. It's about time I guess =)

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Melissa Wright said...

Those shoes are so cool! Following your blog now!


Halie said...

Very cool combo. Cute tee, gorgeous heels.

Lulu said...

I love that top of yours. It's so much fun. Checked out the Motel Rocks site and they have super cool stuff. Totally lovin' your shoes, too. JC is amazing! He always gets it right.

xo Lulu

Chels said...

I love your style, hun. It goes from feminine to edgy in a heartbeat... so awesome!

XX Chels

Amber said...

Girl, this is such a fierce look. I like you with your hair up. The shirt is super fun and those shoes HOT!!!

Xo Amber

Anonymous said...

super cute! ice cream cones on your shirt!!


Isabelle said...

What a great look. I love your shirt and shoes.


Anonymous said...

So obsessed with this look. Rock it out, girlfriend!


Suzie said...

You always put together the best looks. I Love how edgy this one is... super fun top.. and great accessories, especially those amazing shoes!! JC is amazeballs.

xo Suzie

Gillian Uang said...

I was like you once. I rarely put my hair up! haha But you certainly look cute with it! You should do it more often :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I already followed you.


Taylor Laree said...

That top is so amazing. I love love love fun patterns, especially for summertime!


Sallie said...

This is such a fantastic summer look. I really like your shoes and that top is too cute.

XO Sallie

Whitney said...

your ice cream top is sooo cute! and i love the bright yellow clutch!


Anonymous said...

Lady, you're toatlly rocking this look. I love the juxtaposition of the sweet ice cream top mixed with the leather jacket.. and of course those bad ass shoes!!


Anonymous said...


Candypop said...

=o your icecream shirt is the cutest thing ive ever laid eyes on!! And that neon clutch is loveeee <3


littlemissandrea said...

This outfit is SO cute, Sharon! The ice cream screams summer (and now I want some too). And your hair up is such a great way to change things up!

The Chic Sheet said...

What a fun mix of prints and colors :) You look lovely!


Kelli said...

OMG. I love this look on you. So edgy, but still a hint of femininity! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

xo Kelli

KRISTY said...

You look soooo different in these photos, S! But in a GOOD way! :D But dude, how did you walk in those shoes? I applaud you :)

Have a great weekend, S!!!


jo said...

I love your top and the neon clutch! So cute!

xo Jo


Lee Likes said...

Your shoes are sooooooo AMAZING! I want a pair. :)

xo Lee

Courtney said...

Great look, hun. Have a great weekend!


xx Courtney

Courtney said...

Great look, hun. Have a great weekend!


xx Courtney

Dasha Gold said...

The clutch and the jacket are awesome babe! Looking so cute, I love this post!


P.S. would love to follow you back on bloglovin'

Bernadeth G. said...

so gorgeous! <3

Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

Visceral Maze said...

Love the shoes and jacket! I think your hair looks adorable. You should do it more often

Bravoe Runway said...

What a cute shirt, ice cream cones??? Sign me up! I love the moto jacket you added over it!

Shannon said...

You look darling! Love the whimsical print on your blouse. So perfectly Summery.


Sandy a la Mode said...

that shirt is sooo cute!!! love it!! and i like your hair up, i suck at wearing mine up so i hardly do it either but i would like to more!

Annie said...

I am SO in love with that blouse - amazing! And your hair looks super cute like that :)

The Other Side of Gray

Mae said...

GOD, you're so cute.

When are you coming back to Oahu. Let's go out and get some macaroons and tea.

with love and aloha, Mae
// thereafterish.com

Cee said...

Aw Sharon, I love your updo! I know we all have thing about ourselves that we don't love as much or try to avoid showing off if neccessary, but your ears look just fine to me and the updo is gorgeous :) As is your pretty printed blouse, for that matter! Oh, and those wedges. To die for! Sending lots of love your way from Vancouver.

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KT of KTRstyle.com said...

The outfit is simply chic and I love it but those shoes, WOW, I'm in love!!

Anonymous said...

You are insanely amazing, my dear!


Whitney said...

OMG!! I'm so in love with your oufit. That shirt is super adorbs and the JC's, BOMB!!!!!

xoxo Whitney

sorelle in style said...

Ahh I'm totally stealing that shirt! ;) Ice cream is one of my faves, and styled up with some neon it's even better! Your hair looks awesome, too! :)

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Tori said...

Your outfit is so adorable... and great shoes too!

xo Tori

floatchic blogg said...

lovelovelove your jacket

Jill said...

This look is SO ULTRA RAD!

xo Jill

Fifth N Sixth Closet said...

This is a very cool & edgy outfit, you look amazing!

mink fur leather jacket said...

I love those kinds of ice cream design and almost all of those style are made in lovely style but it really good in this season!

Anonymous said...

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