Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day Off

On my days off, I try to keep my look easy peasy lemon squeezey.  But before I dash out the door, I have to add a little bling.  What's your uniform on your days off?

{top: Oatt | shorts: AE | shoes: Converse | bag: Tahari | mini fox tail: Target (gift)
watch: Michael Kors | necklace: F21 and c/o My Name Necklace}

 A few phone snapshots that made me smile today...
clockwise: new Jeffrey Campbell  "Forget" shoes from my lovely Sister / Fossil bucket bag / nude lippies / Tasaka Guri Guri / Yay! I'm no longer a Chanel nail lacquer virgin}

Love, S


Girlie Blogger said...

I bet it's super warm there. Shorts and sneakers - I miss summer!

Diane said...

i love your necklace and your new shoes are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
so jealous of your hawaiian weather. the cold winter temperatures here are getting really old...

TheTinyHeart said...

Cute casual look! LOVE the bling. :)

Incredibly jealous that you're in shorts. I'm excited that it's getting up to 50 today (practically a heat wave for winter). I'm dreaming of summer.


Heidi said...

Cute laid back look!

SweetWahine said...

Aloha from Utah!!
Thank you for stopping by! I love your blog its super cute and inspiring!! Cant wait to keep-up on your blogging journey!! <3

My day off uniform would be a tank top and shorts <3 (in Hawaii) or Jeans and a hoodie. (Utah) lol... Love all the pictures that made you smile! I want to join you in doing this <3


Anonymous said...

Cute casual look.

Amanda {} said...

well you looked GREAT on your day off! I love the stripes with the statement necklace! lovely phone snapshots :)


The Fashionably-Forward Foodie said...

TASAKA GURI GURI!!!!!! ahhhh. yumooo.

oh and HOT JC's.

Lindsay said...

Perfect casual outfit! Since I started working again, my off days have consisted of jeans, boots, and a simple shirt...also added with a little bling!

Laura said...

Cute outfit!! I wish my uniform these days would be like this one! I miss Summer..


Paula said...

Love the necklace!


Sandy a la Mode said...

you are soo cute! love how you glammed up the outfit w/ a necklace!!

Marianne M. said...

Hey Sharon, i've been a follower of yours since ages, but this is the first time i comment. i am not sure why i was afraid of commenting before but now that i am blogging too i find comments amazing and they always bring me joy, so i thought that the same would be true for you too.
The reason i love this blog is that we have similar body types and i find your outfits always inspiring to look at, so many times you helped me to not be afraid to wear something just because i am not size 2.
i love how you take every trend and adjust it to your body type, girls like you really inspire me and help me push my limits.
After a lot of consideration i decided to write about insecurities we have, such as body insecurities or the insecurities our little flows bring to us.
i decided that i want to write about embracing our own body and self and so i created two posts one about being different
and one about embracing our curves.
i know that i am a new blog and you don't have time to check out every blog you get directed to but i would appreciate it if you gave 2 minutes of your life to check it out and support it.
maybe you could write about curves on your next post?
that's what i am trying to do, to get others write about embracing our bodies on their next posts, not getting followers (which i think that i should not ask now, since i am still relatively new to blogsphere and i am not into asking the question "follow me?").
sorry for the long message, i am sorry if i bothered you.

Jen said...

I love how you've been bringing the chucks back, my dear! You look so adorable wearing them. Also, this outfit is definitely Sharon-fied with the bling - love it! Those shoes your sister got you are so you as well - can't wait to see you wear them!

Hope you're doing well love - and yes, let's make 2012 the year we meet!! Going to try to convince David to go to Hawaii after he graduates! ;)

Happy Weekend!

Ellie Lee said...

LOVE your shades and your watch! Your bling is pretty amazing;p Heh! xx

Mae Lu said...

I'm so glad to know you actually dress casual once in awhile! LOL. I've been feeling like a sloth dressing in tanks, shorts and slippas whenever I run errands. So I went all high maka-maka the other night and wore polyester and chiffon when I thought we were doing dinner in Town, and we ended up drinking beers on the beach at China Man's Hat (right next door to our home in Hakipu'u).... I felt SOOOOOOOO silly with all the locals camping out on the beach and me in my chiffon striped shorts and accessories.

My uniform is generally leggings and a tank and T because I work from home.

I love your chucks. Good to know you actually wear flats! LOL! SNEAKERS, AT THAT!

PS. We get to meet in like 2 weeks!!!

Mae Lu @ thereafterish.