Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bunnies & Brocade

I'm a sucker for cute and quirky prints.  So, when I saw this dress on the sale rack, I knew immediately it would come home with me.  At first glance it looks like your run-of-the-mill, polka dot dress, but after closer examination, the print is actually little bunnies.  OMGeez!  Super cute, right?  And the fact that the dress has pockets, totally sealed the deal.  The weekend is almost here!  I can just taste it. Chat soon. :)

{dress: Bar III | jacket: thrifted | heels: Mango | clutch:  F21}

Love, S


Joy Shana said...

Love the jacket, lovely look

Fabiola Tinelli said...

Love so much your dress!!


Diane said...

love this bunny print! sooooo cute!!!

Grace Saraswati said...

haha i dont realize it's a bunny until i read it. really cute. thanks for sharing

xoxo ♥♥

grace | read my my new post yaa

Nikki said...

Oh my goodness, what an adorable dress!:) The bunnies are just sooo cute <3 xx

Pich and Roor said...

omg I can't believe that jacket is thrifted?! Ahh another wonderful outfit :)

Cee Cee said...

How cute are you!? Love this quirky lady-like look. :)))

xo Cee Cee

Sophie said...

I love your outfit.. super cute dress. and those heels are fabulous!

xo Sophie

rich_nataliee said...

Amazing dress! I fell in love with those shoes ♥ Stunning Honey!

libys11 said...

that jacket is love!!! :D
looking great as ever, dearie!!
have a wonderful weekend!

Katrine Pedersen said...

I truly understand you're! Those prints are so cute :-)
And your hair looks so good.

I'd love to hear your opinion about my latest outfit:

Suzie Q said...

The bunny print is so cute! Such a lovely outfit =)

Suzie Q

Amanda {} said...

I love the mix of bunnies and brocade! Cute and classy!! Have a great weekend!


Maria said...

You look lovely, lady!

xo Maria

clare said...

Yay for all the cuteness

Halie said...

Great patterns.

Sandy a la Mode said...

super super cute! i love little bunnies!!

Sandy a la Mode

s said...

love the print! xO!

Anonymous said...

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Youa said...

Cute. I recently went to Sydney, AU and found this shirt that had little kangaroo prints. It was so adorable!!!

Mae said...

Rocking the mixed prints and textures thing like a boss.

I love you, BFF.

Love + aloha,
Mae Xx //

Mae said...


Sausan Hanifah said...

It's really inspiring blog! Love at the first sight <3

Wanna follow each other with GFC? Please let me know :)

Annie Chen said...

Adorable! The two patterns mixed surprisingly well! Great look!

Mae said...

I love errthang about these clashing prints, gurrrrrrrl!

You look fabulous.

I hope you're feeling better today!


Love + aloha,
Mae Xx //