Friday, November 23, 2012


Hey guys!  Did you have a great Thanksgiving?  I surely did.  It was filled with family, friends, laughter, and of course food!  If you follow me on Instagram (@elisharon), you can see some the deliciousness that went into my belly. 

In the spirit of Black Friday, I wanted to share with you guys the awesome deals happening over at V Nunes.  Designer Veronica is offering up to 40% off her entire site. (sale will run from today until the 27th!) Remember this gorgeous Build ring, you can score you very own at an awesome deal!  It also comes in silver!

I'm also thrilled about her newest collection; The Open Ring Collection: Inspired by basic geometric forms, symbols and positive and negative spaces.  I love the timelessness each piece has and that they are also unisex. 

My favorite piece would be the Geometric design.  Pop on over to Veronica's site and peruse through all her gorgeous designs.  These would make great Christmas gifts!!  Happy Shopping everyone!  And to those that braved the actual madness in the stores on this Black Friday, I'd love to hear what you got! 

Love, S

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Ice Pandora said...

Glad you a nice Thanksgiving c:
Ohh I like this 40% off! Going
to check this shop out!


Maria said...

WOW!!! These rings are gorgeous. I am definitely hopping over to see more. Thanks for sharing, hun!

xo Maria

Anonymous said...

Super gorgeous pieces! WOW!


Amanda {} said...

yaay thanks for sharing the promo!


Kassandra said...

whoa! this designer is super talented. i love her new collection. i hope i can snag me a ring before the sale ends. thank you so much for introducing me to veronica! great job, hun.

xo Kassandra

Anonymous said...

Oh so gorgeous rings. I love the Geometric design, too. Gotta ask my hubby to get me one for the holidays. hahaha.


Anonymous said...

Oh so gorgeous rings. I love the Geometric design, too. Gotta ask my hubby to get me one for the holidays. hahaha.


Lauren said...

Pretty rings! I love them.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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