Monday, August 27, 2012


Hi guys!  Sorry for being m.i.a. all last week.  I was battling yet again another cold.  I just had the flu in April!!  Luckily this time around it was just a little cold.  I was confined to my bedroom for 4 long days.  The Pirate was a trooper and took care of me.  He also let me be extra whiny. ha ha. I kid! well, half kid.  ^_^  My instagram, twitter, and facebook feeds were a vital part to my recovery and sanity.  It really does suck being sick and stuck in the confines of your home.  I could not wait to get up and get out!  The Pirate did boost my mood by surprising me with these new rad ass kicks.  He is the best!  Sure, my collection of Jeffrey Campbell shoes seems minuscule in comparison to JC Queen, Asami a.k.a. Pink Kitten, but these are my 7th pair of Litas.  Lucky number Seven!  I'm sure my lovely Mae and BFF are rolling their eyes in disgust.  LOL.  I'll never be able to turn them. >_<

I've been meaning to announce the winner to the Alainn Bella Giveaway!  Thank you to everyone who entered and of course big thanks to my girl, Megan for partnering up with me again.  I used and the lucky winner was #47 - Wen-D!  
And don't fret if you didn't win this giveaway, I've got a couple more giveaways lined up!  Hope everyone's Monday was great!! Talk to you guys, soon.

Love, S

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Porcelain complexion said...

7 pairs? That's quite the collection! They're a great new addition to your selection of awesome shoes

Trinnah said...

Oh man! I was so close! Haha!
I love the shoes! I couldn't get myself to spend money for the actual JC shoes because I don't wear them that much, but I definitely wouldn't mind owning 7 different ones if I could. Haha! Love the cap toe! :)

Michelleesque said...

Oh my! I am in LOVE with your new shoes! What an amazing boyfriend he is for knowing what you like! Haha! :)


Amanda {} said...

oh my goodness! Well, I do hope that you are back to 100% soon!
And yaaay....this JC's are pretty dang cool too :)
Congrats to your winner!


Katrine said...

Wow they're so cool. I love the silver detail,
it makes them so special :-D

Jessica said...

psst... I forgot to give you the link for that skirt in my Instagram. Here you go:


Antee Gurung said...

Wow lovely shoes...perfect for fall <3

Btw do check out my new post
Stay in touch

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those shoes are so amazing. You and your hubby have such great taste. Can't wait to see you wear them. And glad to hear you're doing better. :)

xx Annie

Mae said...

I kind of like the mirror tip, though. It's just the insane platform I can't stand: they're so clowny-looking. But if there's someone who can pull them off, it's you. SERIOUSLY.


with love and aloha, Mae

Alba said...

cool boots!


PrncszTffny said...

such cute shoes! but omg, your 7th pair? waaauw i'm so jealous!!