Friday, February 17, 2012

I ♥ you EGG-actly the way you are

I love LUXIRARE's blog for three reasons; her "mad scientist" blog aesthetic, her brilliant ability to create gorgeous leather goods, and the abundance of beautifully crafted food porn!  She is genius, I tell ya!  I was so impressed with her version of Egg-In-A-Hole that I too, had to try to reinvent the old breakfast classic.  While mine isn't as refined as hers, I was very delighted with my medley of food.  I shared my creation on her FB page and was touched to see that she shared my version on her live blog.  Thanks Miss Luxirare. ;)

I actually made these egg-themed cutting board meals for me and the Pirate's LoveDay dinner.  He isn't a fan of runny eggs, so I made him a fried egg sammie with pepper jack.  And a meal isn't complete without dessert.  We devoured a mini banana cream pie and triple berry pie from Leoda's.

Love, S


Amanda {} said...

oh my gosh...seriously, all this food looks so yummy!! and it's not an overload, just the right portions of everything!!


Carrie said...

ooo, talk about delicious foods. that sandwich looks soooo yummy. i think i'm gonna go make some for myself right now. :D


littlemissandrea said...

Awe, cute! And it looks yummy. I love that you made a heart out of the tomato :)

Girlie Blogger said...

Very creative way to show food. This girl's a genius.

The Fashionably-Forward Foodie said...

i LOVE this! so creative. i love your little trays of food and how you arrange everything. LOVE LOVE LOVE. the pirate is a lucky guy!!

heart.tiff.heart said...

oh mah gawd! so cute are you!!!!