Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bye Bye Beef

I stopped eating meat (for a short time, anyway) after someone told me that I was "eating the fear of the animal at the moment of its death." -Eat, Pray, Love (Elizabeth Gilbert)

I'm thinking about giving up beef... again.  Maybe even pork.  But I will always love fresh fish... and chicken.
{F21 tee | Miley Cyrus/Max Azria for Walmart cardi vest | ON skinnies |
Report sandals | Tahari bag | F21, Sea Babe Jewerly rings | No Label necklace}

Searching for...

...lip relief!  Oh I look so tired.  Are those bags under my eyes!? Oh gosh. :/


Wanted to share few shots of fabrics from my stash... I want to create so many things!

{lace, denim, blends}

{jersey, chiffon}

I love randomness... don't you? Hope your Sunday is sunny in your part of the world.  HUG.

Love, S
***Listening to Neon Trees - Animal***


ALdO AKiRA said...

GOoD fOR u deaR..
i MuST TRY iT tOo..
nO BEeF..

Jolie said...

what beautiful fabrics, how fun is the hello kitty one?
I love the ring!!

Jessica said...

Good luck giving up red meat - it's probably better for you in the long run. I just couldn't do it - I like burgers too much!

Your ring is all kinds of amazing!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that quote. I've been no eating meat for years.. I hope stay doing it forever. You don't know how many animals are killed for you to eat, how many pollution it takes to make it,... And how less healthier you are!

Yes, here's so sunny! I needed it.. :)

- Laura

Leenda said...

Your fabric stash is so lovely! Love all the different variety of prints. =]


Love the photo where the focus is on the ring!



Diane said...

i could never give up meat...especially if you smelled the yumminess my hubby is cooking in the kitchen right would totally understand!

your jewelry here is so fun! love that ring and necklace!

Sandy a la Mode said...

ohhh i LOVE your fabric stash!!! i have a pretty huge stash and i need to start making things so that i have an excuse to buy some more haha! =P what things are you going to be making?

Carla said...

that ring is adorable!

Emilyanne said...

Love the lime green one in your cotton stash.

I've given up pork b/c I read somewhere that they were intelligent & could even learn tricks faster than dogs... It makes me sad thinking about eating a dog so therefore I won't eat pigs anymore :(

That quote is lovely, really inspires me to give up beef too (I don't know about chicken or fish though!)

Claire Kiefer said...

Pretty fabrics! And what's this "Miley Cyrus/Max Azria" . . . is there some sort of collaboration going on there ?!


Nice ring!!

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kot-itsa said...

oh that ring is amazing!

Jen said...

you look adorable in these shots and i can't get over how fantastic your fabric collection is! :)

good luck giving up beef and/or pork!

Stephanie said...

The lip relief picture is so cute!

Jess ♡ said...

Ahhh I should try to give up some sort of meat as I've been readily gaining weight, and it really does show on my petite frame! Your photos are always so darling :) I cannot WAIT to see more of your creations <3

Mode Junkie said...

oh my god, love that (is that a leopard?) ring babe! and how cute is your fabric collection? i wanna make pretty things too!


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

girl, that is way more than just a stash of fabric!!! such beautiful designs - you are going to have a lot of fun!

Alely L. said...

love randomness too! i am such a foodie i don't think i could give up beef or pork. i know you will be much healthier sticking to fish and chicken.

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

the ring is beautiful!
and your fabric collection is drool-worthy...wish i can buy that much! and make more clothes of my own design...i still have this white cloth i bought 3 years ago..and it's still awaiting the attention of a seamstress..hehe.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Friend in Fashion said...

You are such a sweetie Sharon! My favourite outfit is always a great pair of jeans and a white t-shirt :) You look fabulous, and I am coveting your ring - its gorgeous!

Luv, Friend in Fashion

Aney said...

Oh, I love the statement chain necklace and the ring!

tris1978ton said...

Oh good for you! I stopped eating red meat after getting pregnant. Love that ring, very hot!

Anonymous said...

Good luck :) I don't eat much red meat either, you don't miss it after awhile!

Gabriella said...

Joel and I are doing the same thing we havent had beef or pork in over a month ! Our bodies feel good! We dont even miss it !!!!

Shia-Shia said...

super cool leopard ring (^^)
aaaaaahk i want the hellokitty prints
i love hellokitty so cute (^^)


DiamondsandTulle said...

Love that ring! and the HK fabric! What a scary quote about the meat and fear. Have you read E, P, L yet? I want to read it before watching the movie. My no beef diet is going strong! People don't understand why I'm sticking with it so strongly this time, and neither do I. I just feel like it's better for me. Not to say I don't crave a prime rib, steak, or carne asada taco every week, but I've been able to resist without much effort. :)

xx Vivian @

Lisa - Respect the Shoes said...

I commend you for giving up beef for a while. I was vegetarian for a year after watching a video about how animals were treated before becoming burgers. Alas I couldn't keep it up, however.

I love that necklace and your fabric stash - I hope you create some beautiful things!

Chanel Craves said...

Love the connector ring!

julianne. said...

you look so adorable.
i love the casual chic-ness of this outfit.
you hair is always so perfect. <3

Anonymous said...

I don't eat red meat or pork... for health benefits. :) Nice quote though! I'm so jealous of your fabric collection!

Melanie@Unravelled Threads

v [ hobovogue ] said...

love the ring and the necklace.

dont know about giving up meat. definitely eat it way too much/much too dependent on it:(



Meg said...

Love this post! Your hair looks great & I love your outfit - so casual, crisp & clean..

cute fabrics :)


Maeko @ thereafterish. said...

I'm impressed with your decision. On the whole, Hawaiians seem to be more ecologically aware. Not only is this dietary modification totally more healthy for you and your body, but it is also a more ecologically responsible choice. Beef and pork industries are responsible for more pollution than cars, and take up limited, precious resources like agriculture land, grain, and water, not to mention that meat production outputs WAY more carbon into the atmosphere than other industries.

So bravo to you! I think it'll make a difference for you! You're already pretty voluptuous and lovely, but inside, you will probably feel even more fab. If you need beef free recipes, I got a ton! (I'm a fish-eating vegetarian.)

Maeko, thereafterish.

Joanie said...

don't give up pork! pork is kind of a staple on our food adventures. give up beef. but stay true to your love of lechon :) you look so cute in your pictures... so doll-like!

StuddedLilly said...

cute necklace!! and all those amazing fabric! you gonna have so much fun!

Roya + the Machine said...

I've been so obsessed with double finger rings lately and that one is amazing.

I don't eat beef except for when it's served to me at barbecues - same with pork. Eating just fish and chicken makes you feel better on the inside, trust me =)

Good luck!

Little Ocean Annie said...

Gorgeous close up pictures! And I love those stacks of fabrics so much. Can't wait to see what you'll turn them into!

Kristy said...

how i wish i could give up beef :( maybe I should just cut back on my intake :p I don't like fish in general, but maybe I should start having them at least once/twice a week. My body is currently in a rut :(

Craftiness NOW said...

wow, that quote is way profound, i think it'll put me off meat for a while too. i love all your fabric, i just bought some too: need time to make stuff!!

Mystery Bruises said...

i loveee the ring!!
those fabrics are amazing too, i cant wait to see your creations, keep it up i love your blog and will be back for sure!