Sunday, January 31, 2016


The idea of having a Capsule Wardrobe terrifies me.  I am the girl who falls hard for anything that is trending or trendy.  It's something I openly admit, but slightly ashamed of. >_<   This year, I've decided that I would like to refine my wardrobe.  While I may never have a true capsule wardrobe, I'd like to come close.  I want to own pieces that I love and that fit well, but also still have a few items that are fun and unique.  What pieces in your wardrobe are your must-haves?

[Forever 21 faux fur vest | Gap boyfriend shirt | Zara ribbed midi | Free Poeple knit button down dress | H&M sweater dress | Zara ribbed turtle neck midi]

xx Love & Aloha, 


Sybil said...

must haves for me? a good coat and white tops of varying lengths and fabric!! :D

looking forward to seeing your new style!

Have a great day!
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LoveT. said...

Great! So much Inspiration!
i have the same Idea for this Year :)

lovely Greetings <3

samantha ramage said...

variety is the spice of life- i could never do a capsule collection! your's looks fabulous! good luck!!!

Jack Brabham Son said...

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