Monday, January 25, 2016


This is what 2016 looks like so far.  Check back because I'll be updating more frequently. Yay! :)

[All Saints leather jacket | Acne tee | H&M jeans | Zara booties | Rebecca Minkoff crossbody]

[All Saints leather jacket | Zara side split tee | H&M jeans | Zara booties | Kate Spade bag]

[Levi's denim jacket | Acne tee | Zara jeans | Nike shoes]

Love & Aloha,


samantha ramage said...

you go in your all black everything!! love the inspo for my all black uniform at bloomies!!!

are you anywhere near the ala moana store that just opened? my visual manager is overseeing things there!!


LoveT. said...

Amazing! Beautiful black Outfits, i like!

lovely Greetings

s said...

all blk everything is always my fave, love! xO!


Sybil said...

oohh changing it up with the all black!! digging the leather, girl!

hope to see you more this year!

Have a great weekend!
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