Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Baubles & Bling

I can't believe Christmas is only 22 days away.  Surprisingly enough, I actually started my Christmas shopping, but I'm a long ways away in finishing ::screams!::  If you're stumped on what to get for all your special friends that have been extra special this year, I've compiled a few of my favorite baubles & bling that I wouldn't mind finding under my Christmas tree!

I love these gorgeous pieces from olive + piper.  Anyone of these pieces would be fabulous for your friends who LOVES bling!  I'm am extra smitten with the Isabel Crystal Necklace.  It's luxe feel is not only great for the holidays, but can also translate into day time wear to spruce up your basics.

For the glad who loves pearls, get your fill from lovecoco.  This beautiful jewelry line was created by one of my blogger besties, Carolina of Closet Full of Nothing.  Handmade with meticulous detail, you can surely see the love that's put into each piece.  I'm sure Mademoiselle Chanel herself would be in awe of these baubles.       

These statement pieces from jewel iq is perfect for that friend who loves bold pieces.  She'll truly love the high impact each piece will add to any outfit, and you'll truly love the low cost your pocket book will have to spend.  Nothing is over $25 from Jewel IQ.  Amaze, right?  You'll have enough money left over to buy yourself something pretty. :)

Happy Holiday Shopping, lovelies!

Love, S

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Christy said...

Hi there! Just stopping by your blog, you're absolutely adorable!! Thanks for this post. I've never really been a big jewelry person because I always take it off, then forget where I put it and lose it.... either that or it somehow gets tangled in my hair, on a door knob. But these peices are beautiful!! I may have to change my mind about jewelry. THanks for sharing!!


Maria said...

OMG!! What gorgeous pieces. I can't believe that they're all so affordable. Thanks for sharing this post. My pocket book may be in some trouble. hahahaha!

xo Maria

Anonymous said...

So many beautiful jewelry. I am really crushing on ALL the pieces from LOVE COCO. Hopefully Santa will bring me something gorgeous from her collection. Sigh. :)


Jenee C. said...

Umm... is it wrong that I love everything you picked out? I'm off to visit Love Coco now. A girl can never go wrong with pearls.

xx Jenee C.
{camo meets couture}

Annette Tang said...

i'm gonna have to say LoveCoco is my favorite.. but I'm biased to Carolina! one of the biggest sweethearts! I love what she's created and how its sooo perfectly her!


Annette Tang said...

i'm gonna have to say LoveCoco is my favorite.. but I'm biased to Carolina! one of the biggest sweethearts! I love what she's created and how its sooo perfectly her!


Jules said...

I can't believe how beautiful all this jewelry is. I want to get everything for myself... but really, I should tackle my gift list first. Hahah. Thank you so much for sharing all these great sites. I am so in love with the Love Coco pieces... and I clicked over the her blog and the designer has impeccable style. So inspiring.

XO Jules

Lisa Loves said...

I'm so glad I came across you blog. These will be perfect gifts for all my lovely friends. Now the hard part will be deciding who gets what... and of course I want a little something for myself. Hehehe.

Love, Lisa

Jamey and Jack's Mommy said...

Love the Isadora crystal necklace! So pretty!

Khaeos said...


Marie a la Mode said...

Great ideas! I want ALL of the necklaces! Santa, can you hear me??

Leah said...

Beautiful choices. I am loving the first sparkly options.

Psycho Cat said...

I love that pearl necklace, it's gorgeous!

Audrey said...

I love all these baubles. The pearls would definitely be my fave..

xo Audrey

Sophie said...

Thanks for sharing all these awesome sites. I really love all your picks. Great style, hun.

XO Sophie

Dee said...

I am totallly lusting over the Sophie Gem Necklace. OMG!! It's so gorgeous and I may just have to gift it to myself for Christmas. Hahah!

xo Dee

Anonymous said...

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