Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's been a while

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late, but life has been busy and a lot of changes have been going on.  One thing that I've re-learned last week is that you don't take anything and especially anyone for granted.  Tell the ones you love, that you love them.  Heck, tell them a million times a day if you will, but most importantly show them that you love them.

On a sartorial note, if you asked me a year ago if I'd sport something camouflage, I'd immediately answer, "ew! no!".  After stalking the blogosphere and seeing everyone and their mama's donning the print, I decided to jump on the bandwagon.  Oh, how I can easily be swayed!  I found this men's (xs) shirt at Old Navy.  It's substantial weight in fabric will be great worn as a regular button down, and also my new cool fall jacket!  Double score.  Naturally, I added a few feminine and playful pieces; a pale pink lace shell with a peter pan collar and leopard pointy toe pumps.  I'm totally ready for fall.  Don't ya think?!

{lace top: F21 | men's shirt: Old Navy, buy | jeans:  Levi's | bag: Tahari
heels: Nine West | sunnies: Rayban | watch: Michael Kors | bracelets: F21}

Love, S

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olivia giovanni said...

was looking for a post from you! :)

love your camo jacket! and especially you paired it up with such strong looking bag! great look!


Diane said...

i love have you paired the animal print with the camo. fabulous!!!

Lilly said...

We all need a little break sometimes!

Love the different prints in this outfit! Great combo!

Sheila said...

Love the camo print on you! I feel the same way about it.. not sure if I'll jump onto the band wagon yet but you look beautiful my dear. :)

xo - Sheila


MeganRose. said...

sharon, you look great!! you do camo so well! makes me want to try! ;) love that you got this from the mens at old navy too...price is probably a lot better than say, zara...i'm gonna head to the site now :) have a great rest of your week, gorgeous! <3

Well... said...

Definitely the cutest way to rock the camo print trend! Love the mix of lace and leopard with it

Trendy Teal

Pins, Needles & Fashion said...

I love that lace top! Its stunning and being paired with the jacket is perfect.


Lisa Loves said...

I love this look, hun! So amazing. I think I need to get myself a camo jacket now. :)

Love, Lisa

Sophie said...

Fabulous look, hun! Love your heels.

xo Sophie

Trinnah said...

I love it!! Another camo look to add to my inspiration list. You guys are all making me want to wear my pants already. I just need to figure out how to style it first because camo is so hard to style. Haha! I want to get that shirt now. Operation go to old navy tomorrow. Anyway, I love the girly touches added to the look. It definitely makes it less costume-y.

Lulu said...

You look great, hun! I need to get to ON, stat!

xo Lulu

Anonymous said...

Sharon, you look fabulous as always. I love the juxtaposition of the rugged army-esque shirt with the delicate lace shell and pointy pumps. Perfect mix of feminine and masculine! Thanks for inspiring me.


Tashiatos said...

Super gorgeous! :D

Michelleesque said...

Oh Sharon, your blog posts always makes me ever so happy. I absolutely love your take on the camo-trend!

I've also been caught up with life (hence the missing...blog posts...hehe).


Anonymous said...

I love this look, Sharon! Great way to mix it up. :)


Dee said...

I totally need to get me a camo shirt, NOW!

xo Dee

Lisey said...

I love your camouflage jacket/shirt. I've been wanting to add camo print to my wardrobe, too!!

XO Lise

The Fashionably-Forward Foodie said...

mm i love the girly flair of your blouse with the contrasting camo!!

Amanda {feast.fashion.faves} said...

well you look totally FAB! I'm really liking the camo mixed with lace and leopard!!!


issa said...

you are TOO KUTE!


Kate said...

Camo and lace and leopard, oh my! Perfectly paired as always, hun. LOVE IT ALL!

xo Kate

Anonymous said...

Awww you are so adorable! And i love the outfit!
I'm a new blogger, inspired by people like you! Keep doing what you're doing :)



Anonymous said...

You've got bangs in your hair and a camo jacket. You're totally ready for fall. Love the look.

Anonymous said...

I love that you smile in every single photo!! Keep on smiling, love. Smiling is the new black! hehe.


Anonymous said...

Oh and I'm totally lovin' this look. I would love to add a camo piece to my fall wardrobe. Great shoes as well.


Daisy Nguyen said...

OMG - you are too adorbs. LOVE the camo & lace. LOVE IT! And your bag is totally FAB too!

-Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

jo said...

The camo trend is growing on me too!

xo Jo


Cravingforbarneys said...

Love your blog! You are so beautiful and stylish!


Gray Cat said...

Very cute outfit and beautiful smile.


Cravingforbarneys said...

Love your jacket!


Anonymous said...

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