Wednesday, February 1, 2012

XO {Pink ♥ Red }

If I had to choose which I liked more, X's or O's... I'd probably choose the O!  I love hugs and I give the best hugs ever.  Plus, they're free!  Ah February, the month of "love", we meet again... Bring on the flowers, chocolates, and love poems!  Or better yet, cupid, can you bring me a new pair of shoes.  Screw the chocolates, Shoes are the way to my heart!  This comes in a close second. :)

A few pink's and red's to start off the month-of-l♥ve...

{La Regale Minaudiere Heart, Anthropologie skirt}

{thrift blazer, Old Navy checked shirt}

{Bamboo sandals, vintage scarf}

{Milani nail color, Wendy Mink ruby ring}

Love, S


Girlie Blogger said...

THose sandals are really cute. (Sign!) Summer is just too far away.

Laura said...

Great pink things, the sandals are very cute!

- Laura

Jess ♡ said...

That skirt is SO adorable, I need it in my life now! Also, I'm loving the pinks and red (dare I say I actually love the pink?).

Hope your week is treating you well so far! xo

Aquí said...

LOVE the blazer. I never have luck thrifting them. They're always waay too big for me :(

littlemissandrea said...

Love the blazer! I'm still waiting to find the perfect pink one that will fit me...

ps, can I have a hug? haha!

The Fashionable ESQ said...

in LOVEEEEEEE with the pink sandals!!!


The Fashionable ESQ