Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Shoesday!

Sorry for my absence.  My schedule has been hectic, but oh so fun!  My "photographer" a.k.a. the Pirate hubby has been unmotivated with my outfit-photo-taking-sessions, so sorry for the lack of outfit posts.  I hope to get some up this week. :) 

I love sales, especially when it's on shoes.  Here are a few that are currently in my shopping cart (just contemplating which ones I truly love enough to purchase).  I'm surprised that none of them are my beloved Jeffrey Campbell.  However, I do have a new pair of AMAZEBALLS JC's coming my way.  Crossing my fingers they come in today!

Love, S

p.s. I'm sorting through the entries for the Shopbop giveaway.  I'll post a winner shortly.


LyddieGal said...

LOVING the huge platforms on the second and fourth pair!

Cee said...

I adore all these shoes! My favorite are the Makeelo and Berklee. Now I'm seriously thinking of buying them... Ahhhhhh ;)

XO Cee

che said...

Oh lala can't wait to see what your new pair of JC's are :) Those chunky nude Steve Madden platforms are lovely and my faorite of the bunch.

Amanda from feast.fashion.faves said...

aaaamazing purchases!! how exciting!

sucks about the whole photographer thing...wishing tons of motivations towards your photographer!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh! What fantastic shoes. I would love to have all those in my life. Great choices, my dear.


Dee said...

Shoes are the key to my heart. LOLs. Seriously, tho, they are. Great selection. Can't wait to see which pair of JC's you get.

xx Dee

Lilly's Style said...

Love the "Abasi" shoes, probably because of the ankle strap :)

I am Khatu said...

the first pair looks very similar to ones from Zara. the maddens are super cute though. DO it! :)

Heidi said...

Great choices! Love the ones from Steve Madden

Walk This Way said...

Ohh, I just fell in love with those from Steve Madden!! <3

Porcelain complexion said...

Awww nothing beats shoe candy!!

These are stunning <3

Kristy said...

Ugh, I LOVE THE STEVE MADDEN ONES! I mean... so gorgeous, so tall, and I'm sure, so comfortable! But I already have a lot of shoes. Do I have room for one more pair? DO I? :D:D


sharon lei said...

Kristy! You can never have to many shoes. There's always room for more, and if there isn't, that mean you need a bigger shoe closet. ;) tee hee! <3

Love, S

Flashes of Style said...

Such cute shoes! <3




Shels415 said...

Omigosh! I have been lusting over the first pair and can't wait to have my feet in them!

Now following, hope you return the love!


Brianejfs said...

Ohhhh! What fantastic shoes. I would love to have all those in my life. Great choices, my dear. Love, Celine