Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It feels good to vent.  I received numerous emails from bloggy friends, asking if I was okay.  And, I am.  I'm sure my last post was alarming, especially because I live in the land of rainbows and unicorns, but I assure you everything is A-ok!  And to clear things up, I didn't get slapped in the face.  :)

Anyhoo, if you've been an avid reader of my blog (awww, thanks! and welcome new readers), you know that I have a fashion show coming up.  It's for the fashion club I belong to at school.  Our theme is MONOCHROMATIC.  We all had to choose a color from the rainbow, Tim Gunn style.  Yup, that's right... out of a bag!  I got green.  I'm still trying to embrace the color. The process has definitely been a "make it work" journey.  Our show is in 11 days and a sewing miracle needs to happen this week.  We have our first model fitting on Friday.  Aggggghhh!

If you're going to be on Maui on April 16th, I'd love for you to come and check out our show.  If not, I promise to post photos.  And want to give a big shout out to my girl, Kristy.  Thanks for being an inspiration to our fashion show's name.  ♥Love ya!  :)

Love, S


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE the color green! I know you are probably already done with your fab creations, but a couple of my most FAVORITE outfits are green! The first is a Dina Bar-El emerald green halter bias cut silk gown that makes me look like a goddess (which I am) when I wear it with peacock accessories. Most recently, I bought a BCBG lemongrass jersey gown for a summer wedding I am attending. Think of awesome fabrics like silk and chiffon for flowy skirts (I would love a beautiful, pleated maxi skirt in lemon green or a cotton (or lace!) tiered maxi skirt in hunter for my next hawaii trip with a beautifully draped tank top in a complimentary color! A cute bold green romper would be delightful as well with flirty green sandals...just sayin...

sharonlei said...

Hi Anonymous... thanks for your comment. I'm not done with all of my looks yet, but yes.. I'm working with more drapey fabrics.. and most pieces are maxi's. :) We are limited to fabrics here on Maui, so it's a bit more challenging to create the designs I have in my mind.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!

Dee O. said...

that is such an awesome flyer!


Caroline said...

Just found your blog .... I love it!! :)

Mae Lu said...

I am not a big girl on green, either, so I'm excited to see all the fashions you come up with.

I'm actually very excited for you! I wish I could come!


Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

heart.tiff.heart said...

hey sharon! are you in design school? That's so awesome if you are! I got my degree in fashion design too! Anyway, I'll be in LA on the dates that you're here : ( what the heck!? But please stop by anyway, there's lots of cute goodies for you!

Elaine said...

That's so cool! Hope you post pics!

A.Co said...

How cool is it that Kristy's blog name inspired the show's name?! WHAT!! AWESOME. I'd be soo flattered if I were her. NICE.

CAn't WAIT to see pix, Miss S. GOOOOOOD LUCK with the first fitting on Friday!!

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

The Cat Hag said...

Good luck for your show! :)

The Cat Hag

Allie said...

I don't do green either, but I know you'll kick ass! Wish I could see it.