Friday, January 21, 2011

Neglected, but not unloved

A few items that I wish I could (and should) wear more often.  I just found my AA chiffon over-sized button up.  It was hiding under a pile of clothes. Yes, my closet room is in complete and utter chaos, yet again.  Someone please help me!

TGIF.  I'm craving a good bottle of wine.  Red, please.

{ON faux fur vest | ON shearling vest | AA chiffon oversized button up shirt
Merona leopard print blouse | Patty's Closet brocade dress | Thrift dress | DIY lace dress} 
{Thrift jacket, Thrift sequin capelet, Giorgio Armani wool coat | F21 leopard coat | F21 leopard faux fur cropped jacket}

Love, S


herwaisechoice said...

Look at all the texture, pattern and all around luxe! You have such an enviable collection of standout pieces, Sharon!

Happy weekend! I could use some wine too! :)


Jihee said...

Oh man, LOVE all those patterns and fabrics! ♥♥♥♥

Carrie said...

I. LOVE. EVERYTHING. IN. YOUR. CLOSET. the colors are sooooo pretty. :D

You should really wear them often! aahh.


♥TanyaMarie♥ said...

wow.. those are class!

Claire Kiefer said...

One of my goals for this weekend is to clean (and purge from!) my closet--yours looks so much better than mine!

cheyenne davide. said...

This collection of clothes looks sick!!
Your right, you should deffo start wearing these clothes more - they will look great!!

sheshotta said...

I love all the different patterns and fabrics ! Nice collection ! xo

ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

Love all the patterns & textures, looks like you should def be wearing some of those more ;)

XoXO-Kelli K

Chris ( said...

At least there's space BETWEEN each piece. My closet is jam packed and I have to pry something out by force each time. haha.. I hope my clothes aren't claustrophobic.

Jessica said...

I try to take an hour every few weeks and go through my closet to see what's been neglected. It's amazing what gems I find!

Heidi said...

Love your collection! A little jealous hehe. Gorgeous patterns and colors :)

janettaylor said...

Great collection!


A La Mode et Plus! said...

I would love to see that cheetah coat!!

Lara said...

I am crazy about ur closet! Love the post babe!! How are you doll!? Oh I am in love with those GLITTERY shoes! How sexy are they?! Do you have the all gold ones or the multi glittery ones? I got the all gold ones! I know I always want to do an outfit post, but having a baby *he's almost a year can u believe it?* sometimes it's hard LOL!
Have a beautiful evening!
Love ya!

Bernadeth G. said...

lovely prints.

P.S. Can I ask a teeny-tiny favor from you guys? It will only take 10 seconds. So pretty please? All you have to do is like this page and then like my photo. Your vote means everything to me :)

kileen said...

omg, these jackets look so lovely!! you have to wear these soon. i'm jealous just looking at them! :)

cute and little
come enter my giveaway!

A.Co said...

What a great selection of unworn but not unloved items! Love this concept, S :)

LOVE the bold lip colour in the previous post, and snow! WOO!! (mind you, I'd give you all of ours, if I could ;) I think I'll even SEND you some snow, actually! ... I can't guarantee it'll still be snow when it gets there, though ;)

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Kristina said...

thi post is great :)
love your blog <3
& you're sooo pretty !!


Lisa said...

I've been thinking about a closet revamp too!

A Fictional Blog

Aney said...

Ouu, love these prints! Definitely need to see more of these in your posts!!!!!

Sorry that I've been extremely slow with replies. School has me trapped in a cell :( I still look at your new posts every time though ;)

Meggstatus said...

Dream Closet :)

Mae Lu said...

Um, excuse me, closet ROOM?

I die. With Jealousy. Thank you. Very. Much.



Mae Lu @ thereafterish.

The Merry Traveller said...

Thanks for the peek into your closet because I have this voyeuristic tendency to look into other people's closets! I see a whole lot of gorgeousness there. Well, hope to catch you wearing some of them the next time i'm back!

Emilie said...

You've got great jackets!

Allie said...

We all have a lot of stuff we need to wear more, or want to. Lord knows I do!

Daniela said...

oooh you should wear these!! especially that leopard blouse!!

lisa said...

hi! thanks for the compliment you are so sweet!

love your collection.. your jackets are SO pretty.. all the textures and colors.

new follower here! please come back to visit and follow me too :)

derek said...

that looks like an amazing collection!! i'm dying i love all the color and prints! so great!

Anonymous said...

Love it! That looks like such a fun dressup sesh... you should definitely do a photoshoot with them =]
How in the world do you fit everything in your closet!!! I imagine you have a huge one so I'm really jealous. I share a little one with my boyfriend and I can sure use more space! hahaha
Also, love your cute little dog ->

Anonymous said...

New reader over here; Great coat selection right there! They are all so different in pattern, color, fabric but all amazing... Definitely will be following you doll!

cryskay said...

great collection! xo love your blog. i'll be back!

Anonymous said...

heyy i love your dog is poodle?

kisses follow me?

i follow you

Anonymous said...

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