Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Loosey goosey

I just consumed way too much pickled mango.  It was mouthwateringly scrumptious, but now my stomach is in pain... totally worth it though.

I've been dying to watch Black Swan, but I'm a little chicken s!@# to go. lol.  The movie looks incredible and I love Natalie Portman, but I know I'll freak myself out.  Anyone watched it?  Should this scaredy cat go? 

As for the outfit today... Airy. Drapey. Comfy. Loosey. Goosey. AND A TOUCH OF SPARKLEY. 
Pretty perfect if you ask me.

{AA oversized chiffon shirt | F21 tank | Wilster pants | AA socks | Jeffrey Campbell "Blk G-Lita" shoes
Tahari bag | F21 + Wendy Mink bracelets | Rayban aviators}

Love, S


MeganRose. said...

oh my gosh i looove pickled mangoessss!! now i'm craving them! ...with aramang lol! but i love this look especially the pants! looks so good on you!


kileen said...

i love these olive capri pants on you! and the aviator glasses are the perfect touch. way to rock the JC Litas!

cute and little
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lei ann said...

you know i love the litas! they look great on you! i saw black swan & it's not scary...kinda weird & freaky in some spots, but it's not bad. go see it!

Katie said...

Love the outfit!

Catherine Au Jong said...

love the edgy look of yours!


A.Co said...

Loosey goosey! LOL YES!

Husband and I got into the Hawaiian chocolates you sent tonight... the caramel ones. He had four... and then I finished the box. !!! :S
I'm sending you pictures - lol.

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

PS - they were DELICIOUS, so thank you!

Emma said...

I love your outfit! I'm so glad I found your blog as I am from hawaii too!


Irina said...

love your olive green pants in combo with black! your sparkly shoes are great!

Lost in Calgary said...

I was afriad to watch Black Swan too, after seeing all the commercials but i sucked it up and watched it. It wasnt scary at all. Weird spots that are kinda freaky but nothing that you would cover your eyes. It was good, Natalie Portman was good.
Love your outfit, i know i wouldnt be able to pull thos pants off but they look good on you!!

Hope you have an amazing Thursday!!

Kristy said...

Go watch the Black Swan before The Oscar :)
They call it a thriller but I would say it's on the milder side, so it's not that scary :)
(it's a little twisted)

I have that AA sheer blouse in pink and thanks to you, I'm going to wear it as a cover-up :)

sheshotta said...

I like ittt ! Those khaki pants suit you great ! xo

Allie said...

Just see Black Swan! Saw it twice, you'll like it.

Viv said...

love your outfit, those litas are to die for, they are the black glitter ones right? you need to get some close ups of those!!

Isabel said...

i agree that black swan looks a bit freaky. i havent seen it either :)

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

I'm a bit freaked to see it too so I'm thinking they'll push it out on DVD fast and then I'll watch it! This outfit is the perfect mix of casual with glam, I love it. Those shoes perfectly top it off.

p.s. Cute doggie in the side bar :)

Lisa said...

Yum yum pickled mango. Jealous!

PS I linked to your closet post in my latest post. Feel free to check it out :)

A Fictional Blog

Rania Kelesidou said...

Nice photos and outfit dear!Totally love your JCs,oh I want these shoes!!!

agnes said...

super look, et j'adore tes chaussures
Très jolies photos

Diana said...

this outfit is too cute! i am loving your blog -- the saying underneath your header is awesome :) and i couldn't agree more! following xo

visit/follow me too?

Kara said...

Aw, thank you so much for the kind words today, lady! So kind and appreciated :)

What I wouldn't give for A) your long hair (can't grow mine that long) and B) to be wearing capris right now!! So jealous you're warm all year round! But at least you're taking great advantage of it by looking fabulous! Great colours on you! Love the Litas as well. I love how much you rep JC! :)


annette said...

aww cute outfit! i like the litas with those pants... i swear litas go with everything!!


marionachic said...

fantastic blog:)i love your lita boots:)

Nadia Aboulhosn said...

omg! you look too cute! loving your shoes and bag!

fashioneggpplant said...

i love your lita's!!!! =)

Mae Lu said...

Man, you make harem pants look SO GOOD. I bought a pair last year and I felt so odd in them. I don't think my body's right for them.

This, however, is amazing. Minus the Litas, lol. No, I kid, you rock them. You always do, even if I hate them, I gotta admit, you are the ONLY person to make them look good to me.

Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.


i LOVE pickled mangos! i love dried mangos, mango jelly and just mangos in general! :)
i wanna watch black swan too! it looks dead scary though..
and ohmygosh ive been wanting a black bag for so long! i like your alotttt xx

H Rija said...

I am in love with ur blog and I was wondering if you can check my blog out too @

Please and Thank you!!

3ate4 said...

Liking everything about this outfit, it looks great on you.

Chris ( said...

Gahhh those JC heels are capable of sexing up any outfit. You really are the JC queen. :]

I've never tried pickled mangos.. am I missing out!!!