Tuesday, August 31, 2010

JC Wannabes!

You all know my love for Jeffrey Campbell.  Well to my surprise, Forever21 loves him too.  Look at these wannabes that just hit the website.  I don't own any shoes from F21, but these do look pretty "comfy", and for $32 I guess you don't really have anything to lose. :)

Then again, if you can get your hands on the real deal, the JC 99 zip wedge is something you should definitely own!  They make your feet look petite and they are super comfy.  I know I say that about all JC's, but it's true.  All of them are c.o.m.f.o.r.t.a.b.l.e.  They make my toes smile. :)

But I still LOVE the ones my hubby got me for my birthday.

Gotta go. Soooo busy.

Love, S

***Heads up ladies... Khatu from i am Khatu is hosting a super fun challenge & giveaway.  Hurry there is still time!!!!  Enter here.  I know I still need to enter too. :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Never trust a pretty girl...

...with an ugly secret.

My sister in law was "obsessed" with the new ABC Family series, Pretty Little Liars.  Today, I started watching it online from the very beginning. I guess I'm obsessed now too.  I need to know who "A" is.  I know that "A" is revealed in the book series, but I won't be picking up copies of those any time soon.  I guess I'll just have to keep watching to find out who "A" really is.  January can't come soon enough.  Anyone else crazed about Pretty Little Liars. I can't be the only 28 year old out there who is! ha ha.

I'm also still crazed about the Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks, but now I just get it unsweetened.  Today, my shorts matched my drink. :)

{Calvin Klein top | ON shorts | Sam & Libby ballet flats | thrifted bag | "Raybon" drugstore sunnies | F21 ring}

Off to watch more PLL.  Happy Sunday evening all.

Love, S

p.s. I talked to Kamoana today and she loved all your comments about her.  Thanks everyone!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fashionista in the making

If you've been a follower of my blog for a while now, you know that a while back (Nov. of last year to be exact), I made a treasure chest of hand sewn outfits for my niece.  Kamoana totally loves the camera, and just like Aunty Sharon, has perfected the the art of taking self portraits. :)  She's a natural in front of the camera as well as behind it (she gets that from her mommy), because at the tender age of 4, she's able to capture better pictures than some adults. LOL.

Uncle Elisha even got Kamoana two pairs of high heels. Suri Cruise better watch out, she's got some stiff competition on her hands.

She really is a fashionista in the making.  Look how On Trend she is - Scalloped Shorts! Wendy told Kamoana how much I loved her shorts and her response was, "Aunty Sharon can't fit in my shorts, maybe we can find her a bigger pair!".  Isn't she adorable and so thoughtful? She's the cutest and brightest little girl I know!

Who's the most fashionable little girl you know?

Love, S

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Juki's are no joke

Super stoked! School started today.  I'm enrolled in one course (but counts as two) this term - Clothing Construction 1 & 2.  If only I could take an extended LOA from work, I could finish the Fashion Tech program in under two years. Sigh. It's okay though, everything happens for a reason.  At least I like to think so. :)

{Mahina dress | AA lace body suit | H&M wedges | Wendy Mink ring | F21 necklace}

I got to use a Juki industrial sewing machine for the very first time today.  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Freakin' amazing.  I need one for home.

I loved reading all your cute comments about yesterday's post.  I'll tell you all about the good news soon enough.  I did find out something that made me smile today. Check out the Jeffrey Campbell  blog. They featured the pictures I sent them!  Hooray!

Love, S

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On cloud nine

I received an email today that totally made my day.. no, my month!  When I read it I nearly fell out of my chair. I was so thrilled, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.  I'll share the great news with you all soon.

WOW! My feet are chubby. :/

{Jeffrey Campbell "Mariel"}

Love, S

Monday, August 23, 2010

Florals and Eyelets and Animal Prints, OH MY!

Who said Monday's are no fun?  I got these in the mail today. Yipeeeee!!!! My Mondays definitely equals FUN!

 {Pins and Needles Chiffon Drop waist Dress |  Silence + Noise Silky Cutout Neck Shift Dress | H&M Leopard wedges} 

Love, S

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My new passion

I had my first Passion Tea Lemonade today.  Next time I'm ordering it UNSWEETENED.  I only asked for one pump liquid sugar (normally it's 3!) and it was still TOO SWEET.  I think this will be my new favorite drink. I wish I discovered it sooner.

I wish I could live in this chambray shirt.  I wear it way too much, but I don't care.  I also don't ever iron it. Ever.

{Old Navy shirt | Gap shorts | Tahari bag | Delicious sandals | Cinnamon Girl key necklace | F21 ring | Chanel sunnies}

For dinner tonight I FRIED up some yummy goodness.

{edamame fried rice, miso chicken, crab wontons, and shrimp tempura}

Good night all. Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.

Love, S

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Zip your face :)

I always look forward to Saturday's.  It's S-and-Pirate's-day-of-fun!

Today's fun consisted of coffee-drinking, egg sammie-eating, cargo skinnies and leather jacket-buying, italian-ish sammies and fries-devouring, tap shoe-tapping, thrifit-ing, picture-taking, hand-holding, Pooma-petting, wine-drinking, and Date Night movie-watching.  It was an awesome day.

Yes, I am clenching the railing.  And yes, I'm aware that I'm only a few inches off the ground.  I'm that terrified of heights. 

Sam & Libby's flats + Chuck Taylors = L.O.V.E.

Sportin' our new sunnies. 

{Chicken Parm & Philly Cheese Steak sammies, mozz sticks, and fries!}

Alright, off to bed.  It's 1am and I need my beauty rest. ;)

Love, S

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mulberry for Target

I'm sure a lot of your know about the collaboration with Mulberry and Target coming this fall, and I'm sure you also knew about the debut of the line on Gilt today, what I bet you didn't know... it sold out in less than ONE minute! WTF. I set my alarm to 5:45am, just so I wouldn't miss it.  I sat there sleepy eyed, gazing at my computer and once 6am hit and I clicked on the sale, AND the whole Mulberry for Target items were SOLD OUT.  I'm not too disappointed that I didn't get anything, I'm more upset that I woke up early for nothing  (I am not a morning person). I wasn't too impressed with the collaboration.  I'm not a huge fan of patent leather.  Hopefully the other pieces (I think there are 8 total), will be better.  Any of you able to snatch a couple pieces??

Love, S

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Inspired again

I was looking through the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2010 collection and became completely smitten with this look.  I would never have thought to pair animal print with a polka dots, but this just works.

I tried to putting together an inspired look, but failed miserably.  I have no business wearing a skirt this tight and short and a little embarrassed for posting this.  I have no idea how this skirt even crept into my closet.  It was possibly an impulse buy or "I-have-no-time-to-try-this-on-but it-looks-like-it-fits" purchase.  This outfit proves that I totally have a Food Baby and need to get back to the gym fast.  I'll be on the hunt for a perfect polka dot skirt that is a few extra miles longer, so I can create the above look with two thumbs up. :)

{thrifted shirt | F21 tube skirt | Jeffrey Campbell "Charli-C" clogs}

Fun tidbit:  The last time I did an inspired D&G look, it was success.

Love, S

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

For the love of labels

My bff and I were talking the other day about fashion blogs.  She is in a blog rut and contemplating a revival.  I'm hoping she gets back to blogging real soon.  Well, she'd mention to me that she doesn't understand why some bloggers list "random" or "no label" when they're describing their outfit details.  I told her maybe there isn't a label.  And she argued that every single piece of clothing she owns has a label and even though it's not a designer or well known label, there's still a label.  So, that got me thinking, are we label whores?  I'm certainly not, but maybe if I had the budget to afford a designer wardrobe, I'd probably be one.  Just kidding.  Well only half kidding.  I'm sure we'd all love designer goods, but I'd definitely choose a "no label" dress that fit me perfectly versus a designer piece that did nothing for my body.

So, here is my current "no label" dress.  I'm still not over floral prints.  I don't think I'll ever be.  Pardon the wrinkles, I was sitting all day.

{Spicy Girl (via Mahina) dress | hubby's shirt | Jeffrey Campbell "Charli-C" clogs | Wendy Mink ring | necklace from hubby}

Isn't this a funny picture?  Don't only pregnant women do this?  I have a baby growing in there.. a FOOD baby! ;) I was hungry during these snaps, so I decided to hold my starving tummy. LOL.

I love a sweetheart neckline.

Pooma says Hi!  Her paws will forever be stained, but she's still the cutest little puppy in the whole wide world!!!

Laters... gotta feed my food baby.

Love, S

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Afternoon coffee with the Pirate

Enjoyed some coffee with the Pirate this afternoon.  Starbucks would definitely be at the top of my vice list.  I just can't say No.  Just like I can't say no to shoes!  But I'll take shoes over Starbucks any day.

{Noble U dress | AE denim vest | Style & Co. sandals | F21 belt | thrifted clutch | jade ring from hubby}

You know you've got a great guy when he takes you to a chick flick and doesn't complain about it.  My Pirate took me to watch Eat, Pray, Love last night.  Go and watch it.  Julia Roberts will always be my favorite actress of all time.  She's lovelier than ever. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend darlings.

Love, S

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wishin' for WARSAW

A little email I sent to Jeffrey Campbell:

Aloha Jeffrey Campbell Team!
I just want to say how much you guys rock! I bought my first pair of JC's just last year - The Potion Boot. That shoe started an obsession. A good one. Shortly after, Potion was joined by the Snick and the Studded Tick Bootie. After much use, they asked if the Splendid could come live with us too. And so they did. Yes, "they" - tan and black. :) Everyone played together nicely, so as a reward I recently introduced them to Mariel, 99 Snakeskin, and Charli-C. Now, we're all living happily under the Hawaiian sun... but we're all wishing for the Warsaw to come join us soon for the fall!
Thanks for creating such amazing shoes! You've got a customer in me for life. Keep rockin' that s!@# out!!
xx Love & Aloha,

{Jean Paul Gaultier x Target dress | Jeffrey Campbell "99" wedge in snakeskin | F21 necklace and rings}

Love, S

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tell me I don't need these...

If you've been a reader for a while, you know I have an obsession with shoes.  I day dream about owning a pair of designer ones one day, particularily the ones with the red sole. :)  (Mr. Louboutin, if you're reading this, I'd love it if you'd be so kind to send me a pair!!!)  And I've also been in love with the cat and sparrow print Miu Miu platform sandals.  They're a little more "affordable" than the red soles, but they're sold out. 

Then I came across these on ebay.  They're only $53.  I don't know how I feel about these, because they are clearly knock-offs.

And enter these F21 maryjanes.  The shape of the shoe is clearly like the Miu Miu ones, but at only $27, they are definitely more attainable.  I've never bought any shoes from F21, so not sure how comfortable these would be.  Do any of you own F21 shoes?  How do you feel about them?

So, do I need these maryjanes or what?

Love, S

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Welcome Charli to the family

Today Mr. UPS man delivered my Jeffrey Campbell Charli clogs!  Some of you must think I'm so crazy for buying another pair of clogs, but my Splendid's and Snick's don't really count as "real" clogs.  ;P  And I scored these babies for half off.  I had to wear them out immediately, but they definitely need to be broken in a little more.  I hate that my left foot is slightly bigger than my right. 

I love these Old Navy shorts because 1) they're comfy, 2) they're age / length / body type appropriate, and 3) they were only $15 each.  That's why I have them in navy, bright blue, greyish blue (worn below), khaki, and coral-ish.  When I find something that I love, I tend to get it in multiples.  :)

{ON shirt and shorts | Jeffrey Campbell Charli-C clog, purchased thru Need Supply | Tahari bag | F21 robot necklace}

Squatsville, here I come.  I really do need to push myself to get excited about doing squats.  It's probably the one exercise I despise.  I just need to get over it, because I'm sure the payoff is worth it.  I hate all the jiggling! LOL.

And to my fellow Chictopian's and Jeffrey Campbell lovers, have you see the awesome contest Jeffrey Campbell My Way going on?  I want to enter so bad.  I need to submit something soon!!
Love, S

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lacy Eggplant

I wore this yesterday.  I think I look like a lacy eggplant.  I love lace and I love EGGPLANT, so I guess I love the look. :)

{Matty M racerback maxi | F21 lace top | Jeffrey Campbell "Mariel" wedges | F21 owl ring)


Don't I look like Cousin It? And a one legged pirate! Arrrggggh.

This baby is HUUUUGE and I love it.

Gotta go... dinner is served!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Way too fast

Where did the weekend go?  It's going to be over so soon.  Monday, why are you always so early?

There was nothing too eventful about the weekend.  We took Pooma to the vet.  Despite her stained paws (the doc said she licks because she's bored and could possibly be a allergy, so we just need to wipe her paws down with baby wipes), she's very healthy.  Got a few new tops and also this bag that Kristy fabulously sports.  Visited the local swap meet.  Chatted with my sister.  I'm so jealous, she got a digital perm!  And tonight I ate the best chicken picata.

Now it's time to go brush my pearly whites.  I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Boooooo.  At least I get to leave work early.  :)

{F21 top | ON shorts | Jeffrey Campbell "Mariel" wedges | F21 cross necklace | Mahina connector ring}

Love, S