Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I'm really excited to share my scalloped hem shorts with you all.  It's in the finishing stages and should be completed soon (like tonight... I just need to peel myself away from the computer, ha ha).  I'm very proud of myself because I had to alter the pattern to make the scallops and that was a bit of a challenge.  Stay tuned.

I finally wore my F21 satchel.  I've had it for a while now, but was too lazy to switch out my bag. ha ha.  Do you guys find it a hassle to switch out your bag?  I don't know why I carry so many (unnecessary) things in my purse.  I found a glue stick in my bag.  Weird.

Thank you for the comments you all left about my post yesterday.  Friendships come and go and it's sad to see some end, but everything happens for a reason right?  Speaking of friends, I've connected with a lot of fun, unique, kind, stylish, and amazing people here in the blogosphere and one of those sweeties is Seval from Turkey!  Check out her adorably chic blog here.  She doesn't have a local F21 store in Turkey and I don't have a Zara here in Hawaii, so what better way to satisfy our shopping desires, than to do a shopping swap. :)  I got my very first items from Zara the other day.  I was so excited when I opened the box that Seval sent and she was also kind enough to gift me a Miu Miu-esque kitty scarf.  It is so adorable!  Thank you again Seval.  I hope you love the things I got you as well and I hope they come soon!

Okay, peeling myself away now.  Scallop shorts, here I come!

*Garage parking light is terrible!
{Romeo and Juliet Couture top | Bullhead jeans | F21 satchel | Jeffrey Campbell "Nena" sandals | Wendy Mink ring}

Love, S


Swalvs said...

Hehe they look as beautiful as I sent :) No damage at all!!! I'm glad you liked them all, I can imagine them on you, you'll look amazing "as usual"! I'm waiting to get my package too, every time the bell rings, I jump of my chair :) No trace at all, yet :( But will be soon! Oh I can't wait to see your shorts too!

Samantha said...

The scarf is adorable! I love Zara but theres not one near me either, although I only have to take a 45 minute drive not leave the country like you do! I hope we get to see your purchases in detail soon :)
I would love a pair of scalloped shorts so looking forward to seeing them!

KANI said...

oh sharon! is that the forever 21 one satchel in the blue-ish colour? because i have that in my cart right now and am about to buy it and was just wondering.. if you'd recommend getting it :):) it is bigger than A4 size..right?


ps lucky you two for having at least one of zara and forever 21

here in australia, we have to import forever 21 hahaha

and zara is unaccessible for us.. no!!

Jessica said...

I can't wait to see your shorts! And your new presents look so adorable! What a fun idea!

ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

What a great idea to do a swap like that!

XoXo-Kelli K

Laurelann said...

The shopping swap is such a brilliant idea. How come I never think of things like that until I read about it on someone (some smartypants AKA you) else's blog? I love your Zara items! I'm heading over to Seval's site now. Tootles!

Alice said...

GOD! I adore your F21 satchel.
xx, Alice from bells and whistles :)

Lucia said...

I love the f21 satchel!! looks great :) I'm so glad u found a shopping buddy in Turkey!! We have Zara in Houston but it's very small and they don't carry all the Zara lines. boo! Everytime I travel I look for a Zara store to see if I can find what I want!

Alicia said...

wow the f21 satchel is so cute! i see a forever shopping trip in my near future ;)

Fashion By He said...

cute outfit, nice blog

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

Daniela said...

great bag! love the color

The Owl's Closet said...

Omgosh, that is such an awesome idea, S!! Love the idea of a shopping swap:) Seval sent you some really nice items! I'm with ya, I find it a hassle to swap purses, too lol I'm so intrigued with ur scalloped hem shorts! I've been wanting one since spring lol Can't wait to see the final product:) I'm sure it will be awesome!

Lara said...

You look darling as usual :)
I am going to finally attempt at a OOTD on Saturday
Sweet Dreams Doll!

Jess ♡ said...

AHHHH I AM SO JEALOUS. I want that bag, shoes, scarf and oooh leopard print! :):) Too adorable <3!

DiamondsandTulle said...

How incredibly sweet and fun to do a swap! And your F21 satchel?!?! I totally thought it was the Mulberry! Great bag - and yup I rarely change bags - it's so much hassle. Hope you have a great weekend Sharon!

xx Vivian @

projectvee said...

aw, swaps seem like such a fantastic idea!
thats a great satchel.
i really want to check out some european stores like primark, pull and bear, etc!

herwaisechoice said...

Hey! You and Kristy are bag twins! Hehe. It's such a gorgeous satchel. Is it the royal blue colour too? And awww the swap is such a great idea. The leopard print looks gorgeous on that Zara item!! And those boots look gorge too! Ahhh can't wait to see what they are and how you style them! :D

Happy weekend Sharon!

ari said...

ahhhh! that was the F21 bag I wanted really badly! SOOO glad you were able to get it (I was not ) :(
but yes I am the same way! i find it such a hassle to switch bags ....

KANI said...

oh sharon! the bag went out of stock before i had the chance to purchase it.. sad!

lisa said...

A shopping swap sounds like a great idea!

Mae Lu said...

I'm pretty annoyed as well that there is no Zara here in Detroit, but at least we have Anthropologie. They need to open up Anthropologie in HI before we move there! At least there are a few Targets in Oahu! That makes life feel more normal.

I've seen this bag on Kristy-Monochromachic, and I have been dying to get my hands on one. It looks perfectly sized for all the crap I lug with me on a reg.

And it looks better than the crap Mulberry x Target stuff Target is selling!

Love the sandals!!!

Mae Lu, thereafterish.