Friday, June 18, 2010

Patience is a virtue

Today I felt exhausted.  Not sleepy, but tired.  Does that make sense?  I'm thankful that it's Friday and I can finally sleep in tomorrow!  I was so tired this morning I didn't have the energy to put make up on.  Not even mascara or blush... and I always have mascara on when I leave the house.  I needed to make my face look somewhat presentable, so a quick swipe of lipstick was needed.

I did get a fabulous surprise in the mail today.  My hubby swung by on my lunch break with a brown box from Nordies and I tore into it like a little kid on Christmas morning.  I got my new shoes (that I just ordered yesterday!) - Jeffrey Campbell Splendid.  I actually got these back in March (when I purchased the JC Snick and Studded Tick), but returned them because I felt guilty for spending $500 on shoes.  I'm glad I waited, because I scored the Splendid's for half off!  You can buy a pair for yourself here.  I love these sandals and like most JC's, they're super comfy and I get a 5" boost.  That makes me 5'9"!  Awesomeness.  I also ordered them in the tan color, because I'm obsessive like that, but those haven't arrived yet.  We'll see how I like those on.  If I don't like them, they'll be going to my sister-in-law, Leah. :)

Cheese.  I think a bang trim is in order.

{Tracy Feith for Target dress (about a year old) | Jeffrey Campbell Splendid | random belt |
thrifted over-sized clutch | F21 rings}

Pooma and I wish you a fabulous Friday evening!  Need to get off the comp and get ready for a partay!  Kisses.

Love, S


Anonymous said...

I love the shoes! Gorgeous. Glad you waited and got such a good deal :)


You look so cute :) Love your rings!

Have a nice weekend!



Phuong said...

your shoes and rings are great!!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

The details on the dress are so lovely, I love your nail polish colour and cute doggie :)

Kasia_B said...

I really like your hair girl! And your rings! OMG they are awesome!


Sandy a la Mode said...

i LOVEEE the shoes, soo cute!! hope you had fun at your partayy!!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

What a cute look, Sharon!! Love your nail polish too - I've been lookign for a similar color lately :) Hope the party was a lot of fun! ;-) xo

Marie-Louise said...

great nail color- i wore it a couple weeks ago and looveedd it

Anonymous said...

The shoes looks so beautiful! :D
I don't think I can spend $500 in shoes without feeling guity ever!

- Laura

Jazza. said...

love it all, especially the clogs, i recently bought clogs but sadly had to return them because I could not walk in them :((( yours look amazing!

Mina said...

lovely outfit :)

Sarah M said...

I wish we had a Target in Canada :( the clothes there are soo inexpensive and fierce!1

oooh great heeelsss!! im happy that they made your day better! :D

-sarah m

A.Co said...

OMG! 50% off?! YES! And the pirate brought them to your work on your lunch?! LOVE IT!!

This weekend... well... bought the fabric for my wedding dress (dupioni)and then went to a babyshower. Just got home. Tomorrow, my sis and I are hosting a big fathers' day breakfast :)


How was the party?

Do you have twitter?!

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Lisa - Respect the Shoes said...

Beautiful look today. Those sandals are awesome, you are obviously a lot more coordinated than I am bc I would trip over my own feet in heels that high. You wear it well.

mommamac said...

hi sweetie :) I love your outfit and your shoes. but what i love most of all is your bling bomb cross ring :) haha. it's so pretty.
that mini bimbimpap is plastic right? or is it edible? love yah tash
ps too tired eh? take a test.
pss the lipstick looks great. i love lipstick too

dee said...

Haha, I just bought those shoes in red and black as well! I think I'll have to return them because I am poor an unemployed, however :(

Carla said...

cuuuute!!! love the dress!!!

Kristy said...

so jealous of your shoe shopping :D I really want a pair as well! Sometimes I really hate living in Canada and missing out on great bargains :( :(

Rant aside, you look stunning (and pooma too!) :)