Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Etsy Love: MissHillary + Giveaway

Summer is in full effect here on Maui.  The high this week is 86 degrees with 64% humidity. Yeesh!  And what better way to beat the heat (other than a yummy glass of iced tea or lemonade), than to brighten your wardrobe with a fun and one of a kind tote!  Especially when the tote is handmade from Hawaii...

When I came across the Etsy shop, MissHillary, I was smitten.  Hillary's cheerful designs and her attention to detail is definitely something that stands out.  A few of my favorties from her shop are the Light Blue Denim Ruffle Bag and the French Kiss Bubble Bag.  She explains that, "Every stitch has been a learning experience for me, and one that I will forever be grateful for. Sewing has been such a blessing, and a hobby that I never thought would be so adventurous!"  Being self taught in sewing myself, I love that she shares the same passion.  Let's get to know Hillary a little better...

Meet the artist

-Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Hillary Akau. I'm 24 years old and married. I have 3 dogs named Naya, Zoey, and Kitty...yes, I named one of my dogs Kitty because she kinda looks like a cat and she jumps over everything like a cat! Hehe:) I enjoy being creative, sewing is my hobby! My favorite color is pink, I love anything and everything that's covered in pink!

-What inspired you to start up your Etsy shop?
When I saw all the creative handbags on Etsy, I thought I'd try to sell some of my bags too. So I set up a shop, and got some sales. After every sale, I get inspired to sew more and more. :)

-Where do you draw inspiration from?
I get inspired everyday. I can be walking around shopping and I'll get some inspiration in my head, then I'll go home pick out some fabrics and idea comes to life! I get inspired by beautiful colors, prints, and anything cute.

-Any advice to others who are thinking of opening an Etsy shop?
My advice to anyone thinking of opening up and Etsy Shop would be...go for it! You'll never know how many people out there in the world will adore your creative ideas! It's such a fun way to share your handmade items with people. Never stop creating!

-For anyone who wants to visit Kauai... what is a "must-do" there?
For anyone who wants to visit Kauai, you have to stop at Hamura's Saimin Stand and try their yummy saimin! Kauai is known as the Garden Island because of its beauty. If you're visiting for the first time, you have to tour the island and drive to Hanalei, it's very very beautiful there! Kokee is also a must do!

Hillary was also sweet enough to send me a bag of my very own!  I love the striped pattern and the color combo.  I also love the fact that I can put a ton of stuff in here.  Although it would be perfect for the beach, it's also a great bag to carry around during the day.  Her sewing skills are impeccable.  Each stitch is perfect and I know a lot of love and patience went into this bag.  Hillary, thanks so much!  I'll definitely be using this bag a lot this summer. 

Now, you too can own you very own MissHillary bag.  Hillary is giving one of my readers the chance to win this cute blue corduroy tote.  See giveaway rules below. 

Giveaway rules:
1.  Name and Email address (so I can contact you if you're the winner)
2.  Visit MissHillary's shop, here and tell me what your favorite item is.

Optional - for optional entries to count, please list each one you do in a separate comment. 
1.  Be/become a follower of my blog. (+1 entry)
2.  Be/become a follower of MissHillary's blog. (+1 entry)
3.  Blog about this giveaway or place the giveaway in your blog's sidebar. (+ 1 entry)

Giveaway ends Tuesday, June 15th - 11:59pm (HST). Open to everyone.

Love, S


Lucia said...

WOW Hillary has a really cute Etsy shop :) Everything was so pretty it was hard to decide what I liked most LOL. I finally decided for the Pink and Brown Cheetah Bubble Bag. Love it!

Michelle said...

Hi Sharon!
wow there are so many talented people on etsy. my favorite is her sweet heart apron! so CUTE!
i knew I should have told you that gap had a 25% off on their entire website during memorial weekend. but for some reason i thought you checked and knew :( Dont worry maybe you can look for a promo code online. I am happy to report those shoes are very comfortable :)
have a good day sharon!

Laura Gerencser said...

purple banana 1991 at gmail dot com
I love this one!!:

Laura Gerencser said...

I'm a follower!!!

Anonymous said...

Name: Izzy, hence the email! LOL '-'
I've had a butchers and have come to a conclusion - the French kiss bubble bag is absolutely lovely. The stripe colours compliment eachother ever so nicely.
I'm a follower of your blog! :).
Much love,

Stephanie said...

I love the Basic Black Ruffle Bag! The checkered fabric under the ruffle is such a cute little surprise.

Cat said...

Love the cord one features here! Looks so cozy (is it weird to decribe a bag as being cozy?).


Jen said...

aww her bags are awesome and i loved reading this little interview. :) I'm loving the black ruffle bag!

Leah said...

What a fun give-away. I'm a follower. I love the denim bag in Miss Hillary's shop. xoxo

AsianCajuns (Lar) said...

Great interview, Sharon! I love how you find out so much about Maui (and the wonderful people who live there) reading your blog. I love Miss Hillary's Retro Candy pink bag- how cute!

Cricket said...

Love love love the Pretty Flower Bag!
Brittany White
What a fun giveaway! Glad I found your blog :)

Mimi said...

hi! i love the light denim ruffled bag. :D

Mimi said...

i am a follower of yours.

Mimi said...

and i also just followed MissHillary's blog. :)

Chasing Cherries said...

Cute bags!

Susie said...

Oooh, enter me :)
My name is Susie & my email is
My favorite item from MissHillary's shop is the Hot Pink & Lime Green Zebra Braided Bag!
I'm following your blog & MissHillary's blog & I posted this giveaway on my sidebar @ :)

Anonymous said...

Those bags are super cute--love the denim ruffle one! I'd love to get my hands on it! :)


Anonymous said...

Ooh, and you know I'm your follower :)

Viva La Fashion said...

i love the flower power bag. so cute! :)

Michelle Huynh said...

What a lovely giveaway! :)
I am a follower and my e-mail is:

I love this bag from MissHillary's Shop: Pretty Flower Bag

LIZ said...

hi, i am in lovey with

email me :)

thankies for helding this giveaway

LIZ said...

hi,I would love to participate in this giveaway,I'm your follower through Google Friend Connect..

email me :)

thankies for helding this giveaway

LIZ said...

hi,I would love to participate in this giveaway,I'm miss hillary follower through Google Friend Connect..

email me :)

thankies for helding this giveaway

Sandy a la Mode said...

What a great giveaway sweetie! I love the bag you are giving away but I must say the Lime Green Polka Dot Bag is super duper adorable too!! I love how she says each stitch is a learning experience, so true! I was having tension troubles with my machine the other night and I did a whole top stitch with a loose tension and had to take it all out and redo it, *sigh*! Sewing is definitely a SKILL and not easy!! Thanks for entering my giveaway!!


Sandy a la Mode said...

Of course you know I am a follower of your lovely blog! =)


Sandy a la Mode said...

I am following Miss Hillary's blog! I love her sewing entries!!


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

What a wonderful and playful giveaway. The artist is so talented and creative, too. Love the colour of the bags above;-)

flora said...

great bags! my fave is the black ruffle bag! thanks!

bestie said...

How nice! I love the oversized braided denim hobo bag -- the polkadots are so cute!

-Bestie, thecapriciousclub(at)gmail(dot)com.

bestie said...

And I am now following you dear. <3

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, what a fabulous giveaway!

Erika - Cafe Fashionista -

The Retro Candy Pink Bubble Bag is my absolute favorite piece - loving the bright colors!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm a follower of elisharon on Google Friend Connect! :)

myownlittleuniverse said...

OH how cute!!! it's a tie between the hot pink zebra and the denim with polka dots...prob the denim one.
katie elderkin

myownlittleuniverse said...

i tweeted it!

The Zhush said...

Wow...great giveaway! Following already...aloha! :)

Melissa Blake said...

Ahhh, thanks for the heads-up! :)

p.s. You won my ring giveaway! Congrats!

Courtney Erin said...

I love love love this one:

xoxo ~ Courtney

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Great giveaway!! All of her items are so cute, but my favorite is the Big Oversized Braided Denim Hobo Bag!! So nautical chic!

Marie McGrath
lagringa_009 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I'm following you on blogger!

Marie McGrath
lagringa_009 [at] hotmail [dot] com

MizzJ said...

Great giveaway! My fav item is the Retro ruffle bracelet wristlet. I love the pattern and funky mix of colours, plus that bangle detail! It's so unique and fun. I'm having my own giveaway as well, if you're interested!

Do you want fabulous hair? Who doesn't! Then enter my Misikko Hana Elite giveaway to win a free fantastic flat iron!

LyddieGal said...

Adorable totes! My favorite is the basic black ruffle!


Chic on the Cheap

♥TanyaMarie♥ said...

This is beautiful!!!

My favorite item is the pink and brown cheetah bubble bag :)

♥TanyaMarie♥ said...

I am a follower of your blog


♥TanyaMarie♥ said...

I am a follower of misshillary's blog :)

♥TanyaMarie♥ said...

Added this to my sidebar :)


Stephanie said...

I'm following your blog too.

Jo said...

I love the Lime Green Polka Dot Bag! It's adoralbe :)


Jo said...

I'm a follower of your blog :)


(ps.sorry for the spelling error above)

Tara said...

Tara -

and i absolutely adore the "Such a SweetHeart Half Apron"! <3

jozen said...

oh so pretty!!

thanks for hosting :)

Merissa Cherie said...

Wow what a sweet post. Hillary must be so happy!

Good luck to the winner of the giveaway! Hillary has a passion for sewing and she loves it when she can put a smile on people's faces through her sewing.

Sharon, your blog is lovely!

xo from Hillary's big sis,

Alexandra Hoover said...


My favorite is the Hot Pink and Lime Green Zebra Braided Bag. All of my favorite things all in one! Hot Pink, Lime Green, Zebra, and big purses!

Alexandra Hoover said...

Also a follower of your blog!


Alexandra Hoover said...

Annnnd I am now a follower of Miss Hillary as well!


Kiki said...

Oooh. That was a really tough one. I like the Hot Pink and Lime Green Zebra print, but my true favorite that I'd use more is the Pink and Brown Cheetah Bubble bag.

holly in heels said...

Yay! What a fab giveaway! My fave bag (I love them ALL!) is probably the Big Oversized Braided Denim Hobo Bag. So trendy and denimy!

P.S. enter MY shoe giveaway too, if you haven't already!

Mickeyy said...


I'm a follower of your blog and Miss Hillary's blog!

My favourite purse is this one

It's absolutely adorable!!!

Anyways my email is

Thanks so much for this contest doll!!

With love,
Sam xx

sharonlei said...

This is an entry for Jen @ HerWaiseChoice.