Saturday, February 13, 2010

Come baby come, baby baby, come come

... well you gotta give me lovin' and you gotta give me some... I couldn't stop listening to this song last night. ha ha.

Sleep has found me once again... in form of cat naps. Still not getting much sleep in the evenings, maybe about 4 - 5 hours... but I hope that will change this coming week. I'm hitting the gym again. I think I can put on sneaks again. Crossing fingers and toes too :).

AB of TheOwlsCloset introduced me to a wonderful dessert DIY. She got if from Bakerella. Bakerella has awesome yummy goodness. Check it out if you haven't already. 

I really thought the Hello Kitty Cake Pops would be a simple DIY, but I was wrong!!  The foundation of the cakepop itself was easy enough, but everthing after that went downhill.  It was a mess and my hubby even saw me struggling... :(  Seriously I wasn't even going to post pics of them because I was very sad wtih the outcome. With my version, I used Wilton sparkle gel for the bow, Wilton ready-to-use icing for the eyes, nose, and whiskers. You can see Bakerella's creation here.  Although mine are NOT PERFECT, they're still pretty  yummy.

I also made some fun Love Day or Everyday cards.  I call them my "Panty Cards".  My sister Leah mentioned to make a "naughty" one with no undies, but since my blog is PG-13-rated, I've keep that card out.  :)

{click click to make big!}

I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day tomorrow! Anyone have something "out of the ordinary" planned?  I'm off for some cuddle time with the hubbs. xx

Love, S

***I know a lot of bloggers have already noted this, but I'm still in shock and saddened with the lost of a fashion genius! Alexander McQueen will be truly missed. Rest in Peace.


Nerdic.. said...

Ah! The hello kitty lolipop is so cutee!
x, fashionnerdic

janettaylor said...

So cute!

Happy Valentine's day, darling!

Lisa said...

What are you talking about with the sad outcome?! Those cake pops are adorable and I can't believe you made them.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mode Junkie said...

even if they´re not perfect, they still look pretty adorable! practice makes perfect! :)


Fashion Nicotine said...

Cute lollipop!!
What a good idea those cards!!


Katie Ngo said...

The lollipop is cute! & Those cards look great. :] Looks like you put in a lot of effort in those lollipop! So no matter what it looks good. :]
Have an amazing time with the boyfriend.

Katie Ngo

DEA said...

I love these cards, so so cute.

Fashion Therapist said...

OMG those are SO ridiculously cute! You are so talented I'm jealous - I wish I had the patience and attention to detail to pull off such great creations.

Hubs and I have game night planned with some other couples. Should be fun! Have a fabulous Valentine's Day!

Blue is in Fashion this Year said...

Cute! Happy St. Valentine's day!
Blue is in Fashion this Year

Lucia said...

You such a great job with the hello kitty lollipops :) & the cards are super super cute!!! You are so creative! I love it!!

Hubby and I are going for a sushi night...Nothing too fancy. My favorite place :) HAPPY VALENTINE'S TO YOU AND YOUR HUBBY!

Couture Carrie said...

Really cute cards, darling!

Happy Valentine's Day!


daisychain said...

those cake pops look so cute.

Zanah said...

Happy Vday... bf and I don't have anything special planned... he's going to be cooking for me all day :) Mon Mode Blog

kirstyb said...

happy V day xxxxxxx

Mrs.Zeus said...

Happy Vday!

Came across at your blog from one of my fave babes from Chictopia! I'll be a new follower!

Those are adorable!

Delighted Nerd said...

hello kitty lollipop. love it
cute blog,follow and comment my blog

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I adore cat naps. But what I love even more are those GORGEOUS Hello Kitty lollipops - I don't know if I could even eat them; they're too adorable! And I so love your little cards - you are tres talented, Sharon!!

Happy, Happy Valentine's Day darling! :)

DiamondsandTulle said...

OMG - Soo cute! I think your HK came out great! Thanks for the Bakerlla link. It's definitely going in my favorites, but doubt I can be as aspirational to re-create some of those goodies. and lol on the panty cards! hubs would get a kick out of that!

happy vday!

Leah said...

S, I want to see those panty cards with no undies. Hahaha!

Happy Valentine's day to you! xoxo

The Owl's Closet said...

urs came out cute, s!:) i know what u mean, i struggled, too lol! i tried making more today and it was a little easier...sorta haha! omg, i love ur panty cards! lol, too cute! happy v-day!!

Kelly said...

haha i love your little panty cards so cute and funny. And your hello kitty cake pops turned out adorable! No one would ever know you struggled with them if you kept quiet about it!

un petit lapin said...

The panty cards are so cute haha.
I want to see the no undies one too!

junghwa by Amy Stewart said...

Very cute cards!

Samantha said...

Cute cards! I think your hello kitty cake pops look pretty good for a first try :D

Diane said...

omg those cards are so adorable!!! love it!