Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ruby Love.

Recently I've been tagged with a few more awards... from Dea of the Dea Diaries and Nathalie of Accessory Pirate.  Thank you lovelies!

{from Dea}

{from Nathalie}

I know I've shared 7 facts about me when I recieved my first "Beautiful Blogger" award (from the Owls Closet, but I'd love to share 7 more. :)

1.  I have two soul mates (and yes, you can have two!!) - My hubby and my BFF, Jo.
2.  I can't whistle.
3.  LOVE to cook for my hubby... even though I'm not "great" at it I still love it. Sometimes, I concoct weird dishes.. but he eats it, so that's a good thing. :) Also, while cooking I use many many many bowls, ramekins, and untensils... I like to imagine I'm hosting a cooking show!!
4.  I was born in the Philippines (Cagayan city) and we moved to Hawaii when I was three. I haven't been back since, but hope to visit with my parents and hubby in 2012.  I'm a bit scared and I don't know why.. but I want to make that visit happen.
5.  I have one sister (she's older... and she's beautiful).  Growing up I was the little bratty sister that wanted to follow her around and do everything she did (we're 7 years apart) - pretty much her annoyance. We have the best relationship now.. and I'm very fortunate that we're only a 30 minute plane ride away from eachother.
6.  I sunbathed topless for a whole week.  Our 2005 trip to Tahiti was by far the best trip the hubby and I have taken. I can't wait to go back.
7.  When I get exicted (which is a lot, it doesn't take a lot to amuse me) I emphasize the wrong parts of a sentence when I'm speaking.

I want to pass these awards on to: joaniebeanPinkBowCafe Fashionista, and the Starving Stylist

I've been searching for a ruby ring and found a few beautiful ones online... but I dredge making the purchase because what if it look horrid in person!!  That's the thing with most jewelry pieces, it's something that you should try on (at least 99% of the time)....

This is my fav!! I love how this is a raw ruby.. and the size it amazing!! weeeeeee.

Anyone have any recommendations of any beautiful / unique jewelry sites? I'd love to know.

I'll leave you with this pic... this was taken the other night when we attempted to pay Yogurtland a visit, but was out of luck... As a child I used to love going to the Whalers Village just so I could see the whale skeleton that's at the entrance of the shopping center.  Oooooo and speaking of whales, it's Whale Season in the islands... and I finally got to see my first Humpback whale of the season this past Saturday!!! OMG!! I squealed with delight!!

Wearing: jumper - Jeans Warehouse (I'm not "allowed" to go into this store.. it's basically a shop with "rejects" from F21, Charlotte Russe, and Wetseal.. with a few other unknown labels in the mix, priced even cheaper than the stores they came from.), sweater vest - Old Navy, belt - F21, Potion Boots - Jeffrey Campbell, necklace - Hello Kity, bag - Tahari
Love, S


Joanie said...

i love your bag. i saw the most darling shoes last night by Tahari... they were super comfortable too! black pumps with a V-toe (like a v-neck, but i don't know what else to call it!) it showed just the right amount of toe cleavage. thanks for the award :) you'll probably help me with my 7-list... it really seems sometimes that you know me better than i know myself! hee hee. soulmates!

Leah said...

I stopped reading after I read that "I sunbathed topless for a whole week"... I wish I can do that too. I hate the bikini lines from tanning. But you know how it is in our dear country? Hahaha!

Congrats on the awards S.

Leah said...

PS... I love your outfit S...so cool and so chic.

Jen said...

congrats on your awards! and i can't whistle either haha.
those ruby rings are gorgeous, i'm especially fond of the first pair.
oh, and gorgeous outfit. you look so classy :)

(always)alanna said...

congrats! and love the jumpsuit with the jeffrey campbells. gorgeouss

Friend in Fashion said...

Congrats on the award sweetie! I love to cook as well, but no good at it ;)


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

congrats on the award!!!

NoViTaRisTiaNa said...

congrats on the award..keep up u're blog :)

FashionJazz said...

Hello hun! Im busy catching up on all your posts I missed while on holiday : ) Wow u look stunning in all of them, really nice to see u had a good festive season : ) Congrats on ur awards too! Hope 2010 is gonna be a amazing year for u! : ) xx

The Owl's Closet said...

congrats on ur awards, S! i enjoyed reading ur random facts:D i love that u have TWO soul mates:D i was born in the philippines, too:) sounds like a fun trip to tahiti and u are so brave, my dear! hehe i guess i'm more on the shyer side hehe

wow a humpback whale! that must be so amazing! btw, u look so chic in this outfit:D love it!


Style of a Fashionista said...

Those JC shoes are amazing I know I have said this before but I am like totally in love with them xoxo My nan made the scarf that you were asking about bless her she is 90 years old xoxo

Gladys said...

Congrats on the awards! :) I love your style.


Ela said...

Congrats on the award, hon!
Love your boots and bag.
I was born in the Philippines too! I haven't been back since I left. I may go - hubs in tow - in 2011!

anhesty said...

you look so cute and congrats on all the rewards!

Couture Carrie said...

Really fun post, darling!
Congrats on your awards!


Iva said...

Congratulations on your awards!! those are great rings! love the 1st and last especially!!

Nathalie said...

I am loving your last comment that your emphasizing the wrong parts of the sentence when getting excited, this is gorgeous :)

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Awesome outfit!! I love learning more about you!! xxooxxo

PinkBow said...

thank you so much for the award & including me. i enjoyed so much finding out about you!

Tights Lover said...

Congrats on the award. Very well deserved!!

Miss Eve said...

Congrats for the award dear Sharon! It was so nice to read those lovely things about you...

Those rings are super gorgeous! I love them! And you look beautiful as well...

Have a great week, cheers: Evi

Fashion Therapist said...

OMG you should def not be scared about your trip to the PI. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to shop A LOT because everything is so ridiculously cheap. Love your outfit girl!

pixelhazard said...

Congrats on the award. Those rings look lovely but i must admit I hat not being able to examine stuff before i buy it. The only problem with online shopping

Cafe Fashionista said...

First of all, congratulations on the award - so well-deserved! And thank you so much for passing it on to me - you're the sweetest! I too have one sister, only she's younger than me - oddly enough, she seems older!!

Second...I cannot get over how cute you are! Your hair, your style - love it all!! :)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous darling
love it, beautiful inspiration
i really love your blog, keep it up
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for the sweet comments


janettaylor said...

Congrats on those awards. Totally deserve...


VersaStyle said...

congrats! check out nOir Jewelry.. I just bought a ring from them!

The Haute Bitch said...

thanks for the compliments! you are such a sweetheart. following you :)

nicole said...

hi dear! thanks for your lovely comment! aw yeah, too bad we weren't the same shoe size. I'm working on getting my online shop together to sell a bunch of my clothes and shoes. I still have stuff I haven't even worn yet, sigh.

any way, I love that raw ruby ring, it's gorgeous. and because of you, I wore my Jeffrey Campbell Potion boots out with black tights and loved it haha. Don't you love the way ppl look at your feet when you're wearing them? It's pretty sweet lol.

Niki B. said...

love this outfit, you look rad! and congrats on the awards :)

xo Niki

ps. I have a "haute giveaway" right now, you can win a pretty leather clutch! i think you already entered but just in case, details here: http://ahautemess.blogspot.com

saknak said...

Thank you for the message at my blog saknak.com. I am surprised... Myra is my college friend. I just arrived at the house in LAHAINA maui, is that where you live!?! very interesting... I got here at night so cannot see the scenary tomorrow morning!!

Anonymous said...

Sister who's Myra?

Treacle said...

Congratulations on the blog awards! :-)

Confessions of Lingerie Addict

Patty Ann said...

congrats on the award! also i love how you believe ppl can hv more than one soulmate! its very romantic and cute! also love the shoes you are wearing in that last picture!


Couture said...

Amazing outfit!


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