Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon steals my heart!

I  had a date this afternoon -- with my lovely sister-in-law, Leah.  We went to see our boyfriend, Edward Cullen. He is so dreamy, more beautiful than ever.  I love the Twilight Saga. Who thought falling in love with a vampire could be so sexy!! :)... If you haven't watched New Moon yet, I highly recommend watching it.  Oh, and I can't wait until this summer, Eclipse is going to be amazing! It's supposed to be coming out June 30, 2010! What a treat, just in time for my birthday! Eek!! :)

Love, S

**I am Team Edward for life**

p.s. I'm such a big dork, I can't help that I love vampires :). I wasn't able to go in my "vampiresque" attire, because I went straight from work. Tomorrow's another day, maybe my hubby will take me to watch it again! Ha ha.

Wearing: color block dress - Old Navy (from a couple years ago), gray booties - Rampage, multi chain necklace - Claires
I had this Organic bar for lunch to other day (it was a busy day in the office) and it was so delicious! Really fills you up. I need to find the bars in bulk. Yums for the tums.


Anonymous said...

lovely skirt!

Allie said...

Ooooh, tell me about the nail polish.

AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

I loooove that Old Navy dress on you, Sharon! You make it look like Prada!!!
Glad you liked New Moon ;) I haven't seen a movie in ages!

The Owl's Closet said...

yes! team edward all the way! lol i'm probably too old for this stuff, but who cares!! haha! i love ur poses in these pics. so cute! the pro bar looks delicious. i'll have to find one and try it:D