Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Romance with Gaga

I can't get enough of Gaga.. ever since the debut of her Bad Romance video.  That video is amazing... All the Alexander McQueen fashion is out of control! OOOhh and those 10" Alien Shoes!  Will Santa please leave me a pair under the tree... I've been a good girl. 

and I love love love the McQueen Spring 2010 line... I want to wear all those pieces.  Alexander McQueen is a genius!

Love, S

What a great collab.. Hello Kitty + Gaga for HK 35th Anniversary!

I need to make me one of these bows!
and this dress too!


Anonymous said...

waaoow, i've never seen these pictures of her before, so quirky and cute. i agree the red bow looks irresistably cute and the hello kitty here and there, kawaii!

AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

YESSSS!!! I love reading about other Gaga fans ;) My friend and I watched the video a million times the day it came out. Have you listened to "Alejandro"? It's my new favorite Gaga!