Thursday, November 26, 2009

Let's give Thanks

Happy Hammy Day everyone!! I am not a big fan of turkey (hence the Hammy day reference), but I sure do love all the fixings -- stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, baked beans, cranberries, and my mother in law's famous pumpkin roll!! That dish alone makes me wish it were Thanksgiving all year long. Yum.

I had to work today, but I am thankful for that because that means I have a job. :)  I am thankful for many things... {and this is in no particular order}

*my husband, Elisha.  He is the most understanding and PATIENT man I know. He's my soul mate.
*my parents, they embody a "perfect" marriage.
*my grandma Ovie, she is the strongest woman I know... physically, mentally, spiritually. She's 85.
*my sister, she's the best big sister ever. She gives great advice and puts things into perspective.
*friends, they are all lovely and I'm lucky to have them.
*Pooma, she is the best doggie ever! even if she pees when she gets too excited. ^_^
*mascara, my lashes would be lonely without it.
*coffee. my morning pick me up.
*cookies. all kines!
*nail polish.
*my cell phone.
*the trash man.
*God. He is number one.
*lazy sundays -- sleeping in.
*cat naps.
*whipped cream.
*Hello Kitty.
*being a woman.
*my ipod. I wouldn't work out if Ididn't have it. Terrible, I know.
*Twilight series... for obvious reasons {the lovely, Edward}
*waking up every morning to an amazing man.
*my health.
*Lahaina, it's a great little town to live in.
*my closet -- even though it's not a BIG as I'd like it to be, maybe that's a good thing.

I have lots more to be thankful for.. but really, I'm thankful for my life! I wouldn't change anything past or present about it. It's molded me into the woman that I am. Can't wait to see what the future holds.  Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving day and night.  Hug someone today. Tell someone you love them. Take care. God Bless.

Love, S

Momma Cindy's pumpkin roll. Oh so delish! (taken with my Blackberry, sorry so grainy, I'll post a better pic later)
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies made by yours truly.
We went to my parents friends home for Thanksgiving dinner.  Got to watch Coraline. What a cute little movie. Tim Burton is awesome.
Wearing: navy baby doll dress - F21, soft & sexy wrap - Victoria's Secret, tan boots - Dollhouse, peacock necklace - Betsey Johnson
My mom is so funny, when she saw this she said, "Oh Sharon, how cute.. you have a turkey necklace!... wait I mean an ostrich.".. ha ha.. no mom, it's a peacock :) She's so silly, I love her.


Friend in Fashion said...

What a gorgeous list :)Happy Thanksgiving!


Fashion Therapist said...

YUM the pumpkin roll looks delish!!!!! Happy Turkey Day!

AsianCajuns said...

Wow, you look gorgeous and glamorous! Those desserts look mouth-watering good!

thingsIlove said...

Thank you for the comment. The list is great!

The Owl's Closet said...

happy thanksgiving! what a fun necklace! Great list, too:)

The Freakum Dress said...

This necklace is wonderful !

myownlittleuniverse said...

haha, that necklace is great! i saw a turkey at first glance too. must be since it was thanksgiving. you're mom's funny...sounds like something my mom would say :)