Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kapalua Village Trails

Today Eli and I drove out to Kapalua and did the Village Walking Trails.  We did the most "easy" trail since we didn't get out there until a little past 5 and the sunsets are much earlier these days. It was great afternoon exercise and even the "easy" trail got me huffing and puffing. :)  Next week we'll be back, much earlier of course and we'll make it to the pond. I heard the views there are amazing! Oh I can't wait!!

Love, S

p.s. Sorry for the crappy quality photos... I dont' know what's wrong with my camera!! :( It wasn't cooperating with me today.

Our "journey" begins...

Up we go...

On our way down, it began to drizzle...

Wait honey.... (parts of the trail were a bit steep, but I'm a scaredy cat!)

Leaving me in the dust! ha!

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