Sunday, October 25, 2009

...this little piggy went to the market..

I love late night / early morning grocery shopping. No crowds and no long lines!! We picked up some much needed water, fruits, bagels, and yummy evil frozen goodness; ice cream!!

Love, S

I couldn't decide!! So I got three mini cups... mmm. I can't wait to try the Italian Kiss Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato.  Eli also got cappuccino and pomgranate cups too. Frozen Creamery Bliss.  I heart Haas Avocados. They weren't ripe yet, so hopefully this little trick will get them into my tummy faster!!


Closet Full of Nothing said...

oh yummy!!

I love the headband you made below... she's adorable!!

Everytime I come on your blog.. it makes me wanna visit Hawaii again.. it's such a special place for me :)

mommamac said...

did you get those toki doki moo cow things from online? supprisingly i didn't find that gelato stuff good. did you? i love ben and jerry's. i love the pics of ironwoods, i gotta show will. that was one of his fav. beaches on maui. love t