Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some Saturday Shopping...

Eli and I came across a cute consignment store, Bohemia Boutique in Wailuku. I wish we had more consignment and thrift stores on the island.  There were great items not to mention their little "high end designer" nook, where I found four lovely Chanel jackets that were only going to $400 a piece. What a steal considering a jacket could easily go for $4000!!  All the jackets were size 2 and although I probably wouldn't have bought one, it would have been fabulous to try one on!! :)  I also found a pair of black peep toe Miu Miu shoes.  They were only $15!, but I'm still not sure how I feel purchasing used shoes. Clothes are one thing, because they can be laundered, but shoes, that's a different story. This is what I left with; a fun white jelly clutch. Sweet isn't it!!

I also picked up a couple pair of boots (first pair is Madeline Stuart and the second pair is Nine West) at Ross today.  I'm really excited to wear them! :)

Love, S

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