Monday, October 5, 2009

1000 + 1

I was honored to be part of Lauren and Leabert's special day.  They even asked if Eli and I would be able to create their 1001 Origami Crane design for them.  At first we didn't jump at the opportunity.  It wasn't that we didn't want to, but we were a bit afraid to.  Dont' get me wrong, we're both very creative individuals, but we've never done such a thing and we wanted to make sure that it came out perfect for them.

Well, after a week of staring at a black piece of velvet we decided that it was now or never, not to mention the wedding reception was only 2 days away! :)  We realized that no matter what the end product was, Lauren and Leabert would love it.  Even if it didn't meet our expectations, as long as it met their, that's all that would really matter.

So, after just one day and maybe half a night... in the wee hours of night before their reception we finished the design.  For a novice, it came out beautiful.  Now everytime they look at this artwork hanging in their home, they'll not only be reminded of the meaning behind the design, but also be reminded of the two friends that love them dearly.

Love, S

This is the Otomo Family Crest.  Although Lauren is now a Manuel, Leabert is also an Otomo!! :)

Photo Credits: Ken Kato


L&L Manuel said...

To our dearest friends, thank you so much for your thoughts and love that went into this beautiful piece of art. It will be hanging in our new home and many more homes to come. (Hopefully one day on Maui!) Every time we see it, we think of you two and know how much you love us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Love, L&L

Wen-D said...