Sunday, September 6, 2009

10 Year Togetherness Dinner

We had a delicious time at Roy's. The food was amazing and so were the cocktails. We started with the crab cakes & shrimp + pork pot stickers. I ordered the opakapaka with a crab & lobster dynamite on top and Eli had the Kobe beef meat loaf. Both dishes were scrumptious.. and of course the creme de la creme at Roy's - the Chocolate Souffle!!! OMGosh, what decadence! And at home we celebrated with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. Sparkly and Bubbly! :)

Love, S

Edamame tossed lightly in sesame oil + salt.

My handsome hubby :)

Cosmo + Dirty Martini

mmmmmmm chocolate souffle!


Atasha said...

oh fun. that's why you went to roys :) sooo cool. ten years huh. wow a decade that's sounds cool. being married for 10 years will be awesome. i love your outfits. you are too cool for lahaina :) haha. go to nyc. for sure! hey can you see these posts?

Sharon Lei Clemons said...

oh i would love to be in nyc!! :) we are def going there one day! we need too.