Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nanette Lepore

I dread flying. Someone should invent a teleporter, like in the Jetsons!! That would be great. This is a pic of me + Eli on our way home from the Big Island. Sorry for such a fuzzy pic! I saw this Nanette Lepore Bow dress on Miley Cyrus a while back and fell in love with the femininity of it. To my surprise I found a VERY similar dress at Walmart. (with the exception of the hem line, my dress has a little ruffle at the hem). I scored it for only $11! Lucky me.

Love, S


mommamac said...

did you have to alterate it? it's so cute. I was waiting for your next blog. i'm your biggest fan...haha. you look cute in it. i wanna look at my wallmart. prob not, this is redding

Sharon Lei Clemons said...

Momma Mac!! :) awwww. my biggest fan. So sweet. No I didn't have to alter it. it's a def dead ringer for the real deal. i love it. it's so comfortable and was soooo affordable. I can check our walmart, if there is one i will get one for you... i will probably have to get you a "large", because the one i got was labeled xxl.. i am not an xxl! Love you lady.