Thursday, September 10, 2009

My bff, Jojobean

My BFF, Jo is in town (she lives in Las Vegas). She got in this past Tuesday. I'm so glad she's here. It was definitely time for some facetime with her. I talk to her everyday and sometimes it feels like she still lives down the road from me. Even though we live 2000+ miles aways from eachother, we seem to manage visits quite a few times every eyar. Maybe one day we'll live somewhere in Greece together!! with Eli and her future hubby too, of course!! We can enjoy afternoon sunsets, sipping sangria on our patio in our hill top homes, while watching our children play together! Oh what a lovely dream that is...

We've already had such a great time together...
the night she got in, the three of us (Elisharon + Jo), went to Lulu's for cocktails and pupus. After cocktails we went back to our place and I got Jo to watch the first episode of Gossip Girl. Unlike me and my weakness for fashion, drama, and what she considers "bad acting" on Blake Lively's part, she did not get hooked. It was a great night, chillin and catching up.

Yesterday the two of us did some "shoe" shopping. I was made very aware of how much of a girl girly I am. The only person I ever shop with is Elisha. I do not have any girlfriends here that I can regulary shop with. Jo and I have VERY different styles of shopping.. ha ha!! But we had a fun time regardless.

And last night I'm played "Jo's personal tailor", and fixed a pair of shorts for her. I bet she wishes I lived a lot closer to her, she'd have me altering things for her left and right.

Tonight though, will be a night to remember. For Sure. Jo will remember it for ages! John Legend in concert at the MACC. It will be a great concert, especially because it's being held in such an intimate concert hall. We even scored box seats. I'm not a huge fan like, but I'm so excited for tonight!

Love, S

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