Sunday, August 30, 2009

All dolled up

Today was a lovely, hot, sunny day in Maui. Eli + I did a little shopping. We shop waaay too much!! But I'm glad I don't ever have to drag him to come shopping with me. :) Remember he loves fashion!! I got a couple lacey dresses, a very sweet brocade crop jacket, knitted black oversized cardi, and jelly sandals. Eli got a pair of Levi's shorts and Buffalo shirts...

I'm picked up a couple bronzers by Physicians Formula. They we practically free.. normally $14.00 at the drug store, but were 40% + my spouse discount + additional $5.00 off = a little over $2.00 Score! The one with the crescent moon reminds me of my "moon ranger sisters", my best friends, Jo + Carface. Love them ladies...

Tonight, Wendy came over with her three year old daughter, Kamoana and we helped her out with her very first pre-school craft project. I love crafting!! almost as much as I love shopping.

The project was to make a paper person cut out (it looked more like a gingerbread man, so I turned the shape into something a little more human) represent them. Of course I had to be an overachiever and instead of actually drawing, gluing, taping, coloring straight onto the paper person, I used it as a pattern. I crafted a doll for her!! We all worked together (becuase it wasn't my project, it was Kamoana's -- and I had to give up control, a hard thing for me to do!!) and here is the end result. Kamoana contributed a lot to this project, she stuffed the doll, cut her hair, drew on her nose and piko (belly button), glued on the dots for the bikini and the fishes google eye, painted the nails and toe nails, and even fashioned a heart that we put in the doll before she was sewn shut... kudos to Build-a-Bear for the idea!! Look at how happy she is, Kamoana, not the doll. :)

Love, S

(the bikini was inspired by one of Kamoana's very own suits, she also loves fishing, and of course every little girl, and big girl loves to paint their nails!!)

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